Tentative Greetings

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Tentative Greetings
Post # 1
Hi, you guys can see my username, so I feel silly repeating it. Either Frost, or Willow, or both is fine. ^^;
It feels a little off posting here; it goes against everything I was taught growing up. I have always had an affinity for the mystical though, believing there's some truth iny mythology and forces and energies around us that we can't see.

A bit about me, I'm a Christo-Druid; I follow Jesus and the holy trinity, but I feel my calling is mankind's original purpose, caring for the earth and respecting it as His work. The irony in this is I have a brown thumb, my gifts lie more with caring for and understanding animals. I'm trans-species, which helps a bit with understanding animals. I've been aware of my identity (which is snow leopard) for about 10 years. I'm also a housewife who does freelance artwork here and there to help my family.
I dabble in rune and card reading, and am starting a nice little collection of crystals.

I'm sorry if this went long, I ramble when I get nervous. I hope to glean a lot of knowledge while I'm here.
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Re: Tentative Greetings
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Welcome and no need to be shy?

So, you are a trans-species snow leopard, would you mind elaborating on that? Green thumbs can be developed with experience and practice, so no need to fret! How has your brown thumb manifested itself?

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Re: Tentative Greetings
Post # 3

Sure. It's pretty easy but it's an out there concept for most people. I identify as a snow leopard, I believe I am the soul of said species, born with a human body. Some kind of cosmic mistake or mean joke. :P

Plants just don't do well around me, oddly enough this happens with technology and a fair number of things. I make jokes that I'm just unlucky but the stats I've kept out of curiosity in the past actually prove my joking accurate. But with plants they just don't flourish when I care for them. Houseplants our outside garden, I make sure to look up care for them too because I do care about them, but the poor things just get sickly in my care. So I don't keep plants anymore, I don't want to do that to a living thing. My talents lie more with animals so maybe it's a trade-off. ^^;

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Re: Tentative Greetings
Post # 4
The internet doesn't convey tone well so I probably should clarify, I am an animal soul in a human body but I don't believe in mistakes. Things happen for a reason. I just try to keep it light and use humor so I don't give in to the body dysmorphia. If I couldn't make jokes and laugh at myself I'd be in a sorry state. ^^;
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