I need some guidance

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I need some guidance
Post # 1
Although I will admit, I haven't been on this site in a while, I still understand how it works. I understand that the path I follow with my studies of magick are my decision. And I used to think that I knew which path I would follow. But lately, I'm not sure what path I truly follow anymore. There are times when I seem to follow wiccan beliefs like I had come to accept, but lately, I've been feeling like some of the beliefs don't match me. I don't want to harm anyone, and still believe in karma, but I dont seem to be able to consistently stick with all the other beliefs as well. And I've noticed that the path I used to think I followed when using magic has changed too. I recently realized I was blessed with some psychic ability(s) although sometimes I have doubts in those abilities accuracy on occasion. So I need some help. Can anyone suggest a place I can look to find some answers to this conflict? I know this wasn't the clearest of forum posts, but I needed to write all of this down, and it ended up pouring out as a jumbled mess. I'm struggling with this, and part of me thinks that this has started to make me question who I am as a person, although I'm not sure if that is supposed to happen or not. So, please, any help or guidance anyone can offer, I would greatly appreciate. If you can help point me in the right direction, or a direction you feel is most helpful, please do so. Again, I apologize for how jumbled and crazy this post was.
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Re: I need some guidance
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Well, to start let me reassure you that is not uncommon for people to bounce between practices and religions at the outset fo their path. My advice on that matter is to look past the surface bits of a practice or religion you're interested in, do this without commiting yourself to the practice, if you can't do this then your interest in the practice is probably that of novelty and will pass with time and studying your actual interests. Exploring general personal belief can help narrow down your possibilities. If you believe in a single ruling entity, you erase a score of religions. If you don't, that gets rid of a few of the 'big ones'. Do you hold animist believes ( the divinity of all things )? There are more than a few of these questions and they are all important in helping you decide and relate to practices and religions. Also, while I'm certainly no 'Wicca pusher', but don't be afraid to re-examine, there are so many shoot offs of Neo-Wicca and the original traditions might be more up your alley.

Some misconceptions you might possess :

  • Westernized Karma isn't what Karma actually is, if you are referring to the law of attraction and the "Go around, come around" effect, that's fine. Actual Karma has to do with lessons learned over a variety of lifetimes.
  • "Blessed With Psychic Abilities": This is something I'd consider quite rare and am glad for you if it actually happens, but in terms of lore and mysticism this would generally come froma relationship with a deity or spirit. This post indicates you have neither of those and otherwise these 'gifts' would manifest from a very early age and wouldn't have been a sudden realization on your part.
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