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My First Question
Post # 1
Note: I won't expect people (And Other) to respond. If you do Thank you. If you don't, OK. Just when responding do not make any impolite and rude comments.

Reason for question: We find that the story of the Human Soul being sold to a Devil or some Ancient God being prevalent in many different cultures. Why this is so is a simple answer, we as "intelligent" beings have existed with some awareness to the notion of Give and Take, "I give you this I should get that." However traveling around both here and there, I've come to understand that such an idea is completely ludicrous in a reality such as this. Gaining Money or material items from giving up ones Eternal Soul is closely comparable to sacrificing ones hands for the knowledge to play piano. Whatever Desires we Harbor Now Surely is a temporal thing. Yet somehow there are those that attempt this exchange, I am thankful that 99.99% of the time it fails,yet on those times it does ,Both the Stories and Actuality, it is generally disastrous and ends in eternal misery. Yet even with these warnings...humans still try

So I pose this question. What is The Soul to You? Is it Worth losing? If even for a moment?

(Do not respond with what you want from A Deal, i.e [ I'd do it for ----] )

Thanks to those that do respond and those that politely stay quiet. I most likely will post more Questions like this. I tend to only discuss either Philosophy, Ideology, followed by the Occult, Esoteric, And other Deep subjects.
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Re: My First Question
By: / Novice
Post # 2

This question implies that we have some form of ownership over our soul, unfortunately, with my current beliefs this wouldn't work. I view the soul as a collection of energy that is 'separated' from universal energy through creation/manifestation of awareness or ego. This is akin to creating a bubble of chicken wire fencing and plunging it into a river. While a specific space is 'seperate', the water still flows through it and the only separation is that of the fencing. The fencing is the ego, creating an idea of 'me' vs. 'the whole'. So, to sell your soul you would have to ownership of ths energy, which you wouldn't because while it flows through you, it can only be directed, imbued with intention, and maybe to some extent gathered, but it can't be given as it isn't 'your's' to give.

Hope that made sense.

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Re: My First Question
Post # 3
Thanks for the response, and Yes I do understand what you were saying. The sense of ownership is but another aspect of "humanity" By living in a world (especially now) that puts emphasis on the ownership of things the idea that we have control over our Soul is a comforting thing.
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Re: My First Question
By: / Novice
Post # 4
'do not make any impolite or rude comments' don't tell me what to do, you're not my father! [i'm joking... and i'm pretty sure you're not my father...]

well ancient mythology are religious, but they tell stories and give life lessons. in this respect, the belief one can sell their soul to an evil being brings misfortune is a way to warn people that if something seems too good to be true, it is. i personally do not believe you can sell your soul to anyone for anything. anyone who tries usually does not grasp the severity of this exchange. sure a billion dollars or your celebrity crush in exchange for something you theoretically aren't using might tempt many, but a lifetime is so short, so anyone who tries selling their soul, imo, hasn't really thought it through. even those with noble intent [like my life for my loved ones] might want to think about it further.

the soul to me is the spark of the divine that wishes to experience3 all things, while i am me in this lifetime, i do not own the soul, when i die it will be reborn as something else. [energy just changes forms] i do like the notion you are reborn around loved ones from past lives, but that's just a personal comfort and not a universal belief. i don't believe it can be lost, but if it could be lost, it's not really worth loosing because, again, it is a piece of divine energy, so it is [to me at least] energy from the God and Goddess. you loose it, it might become something else [essentially it won't die] but you will feel different and your life will become different. i'm not saying you'll become a zombie, or that those who lost faith lost their soul, but i feel your life will become muted [if that makes any sense]
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Re: My First Question
Post # 5
'nother account- HarborHim similar profile pic, any questions just mail me.
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