Dream Interpretations

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Dream Interpretations
Post # 1
Hi, I didn't know where else to go to discuss this, so I thought I would make a thread here. My name is Paul, I am Sixteen and an Eclectic Wiccan. I have been practising my faith since I was Eight and since a very young age, my dreams have been very precognitive. Usually I just would account it for Deja Vu but recently it has been getting more and more increasing.

Last year I had a dream where I was walking in my local park, it was pitch black and there was not a star in the sky. I was walking quite slowly, and the park was almost completely black aside from an eerie red glow from the sky. I looked up slowly, and there was a blood moon in the center of the sky and two redish purple planet looking objects in the sky. As I looked up and caught a glance, I can remember feeling quite scared before I woke up. At the time, I thought nothing of it and I continued on with my life.

Last night I had a very similar dream. I was in a city (I don't know which) and I was standing in a large open road, with cars and sky scrapers all around me. I was walking at a brisk pace, my breathing heavy and I felt terrified. The street seemed empty, and as I reached a junction in the road I looked up, and I saw yet again another blood moon and a golden planet looking thing in the sky. I quickly ran back the way I came, and I woke up not long after.

I have no idea what any of these dreams mean, and I was wondering if any of you could help me to better understand them. Thank you, and blessed be.
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Re: Dream Interpretations
Post # 2
I want to start off and say that I'm astonished and quite pleased with your extensive vocabulary and proper grammar. Now onto the matter at hand.
The park and city could be a place or environment where you feel most comfortable. The reason of fear behind the astral bodies in the sky is that they aren't generally there and the unknown of their being would be naturally unnerving. With no stars in the first dream could be a representation of traveling without guidance. Not necessarily lost, but without the usual guidance one may receive in life.
The road in the city could represent a path or pathway that you've recently become a part of or have already been on. The cars and skyscrapers are the people and structures that have been built on the basis of this path/pathway. So seeing something unnatural may be the sign that you might be one of few who is experiencing something off while on this journey. Bad? Perhaps, but the truth has yet to be revealed as you may be too frightened to actually find out.
I hope this helped.
Many Blessings,
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Re: Dream Interpretations
Post # 3
Thank you so much! That really did help.

I don't know why you are surprised by my vocabulary, but I'll just take that as a compliment.
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