How to get haunted?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> How to get haunted?

How to get haunted?
Post # 1
This may sound like a stulid question...
I want to get haunted by spirits. Neutral spirit, Not Demons! When I say neutral, I mean spirits of the dead, or "human spirits".

I want to do in order to become friends with the spirit-as I'm not able to talk to any of them, and also I want to have some paranormal action. Lastly, I want to do this too in order to practise banishing later.

I'm not able to talk to you have any good idea on how to do this?
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Re: How to get haunted?
Post # 2
Spirits...they are everywhere
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Re: How to get haunted?
Post # 3

Haunted seems to have a rather negative connatation to it, I would use spirit attatchment or something of that sort.

I would allow yourself to rid your body of negative energies so as not to be a beacon for misbehaving entities. After doing that, try to fill yourself with more positive energies to make well behaved entites attatch to you.

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Re: How to get haunted?
Post # 4
Being haunted means being influenced by evil energys. Such has demons etc.. Signs of a Haunted Place or Person are some of these:

A Haunted Place:

- Feeling cold or getting chills out of nowhere.
- Hearing footsteps, moans/screams etc.
- Sometimes even see a shadow moving.
- Being hard to breath, feeling the tension in the air.

Haunted Person:

- Behavior changing, acting totally different.
- Pushing everyone away, not wanting to be around anyone.
- Waking up with scratches or bruises etc..

Be careful. Do not mistake a person being haunted from having some kind of break down or stuff.

Summing up, you can not choose wich spirits haunt you, it's a bad thing not a good thing. You can, however, do a kind of ritual to summon one or more spirits. Just be careful, there's no way to know if the spirit is who he/she is claiming to be. They may trick you.

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Re: How to get haunted?
Post # 5
Hoh and more, do not summon things that you can not banish.

Paranormal activity may seem cool but it isn't. You can get hurt. I'd suggest you do some more research on what you're trying to do and with what you're messing with.
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Re: How to get haunted?
Post # 6
Try enhancing your Ki ability. It worked for me
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Re: How to get haunted?
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Lol how to get haunted, love the title.

Well spirits are all around us, some are stronger than others, some like traveling, others refuse to let go of a place or item [say a doll they loved in life or the scene of their death] and others might stumble across a house they like for whatever reason and choose to stay. The first spirit I ever encountered was my aunt [or cousin, can't remember, it was a distant relative anyway] my family owns a bed and breakfast and we use to go there in the summers after church when I was little. After brunch we would visit them in their living quarters. I use to talk with this old woman who sat in the rocking chair by the window. So many years later I was asking about it and I discovered that [to everyone else] I was staring at an empty chair, and who I described died well before I was even born. [but seeing spirits is normal in my family so everyone assumed it was a spirit I was looking at] She stayed because a. it was her home, and b. that was her favourite spot to sit.

You also can't really pick and choose your haunting mate [you might try putting a white candle in the window and specify 'friendly spirits welcome' is it is believed by some a white candle in the window welcomes spirits] again, I've had animal spirits and human spirits. Some kept to themself, some were friendly, and a few were tricksters [not evil, but would enjoy hiding things, randomly scaring you, or playing hide-and-seek.] Regular cleansings and specifying you wish to remove negative energies can help keep your space a positive one, but spirits are like people with their own personalities.

Communicating with spirits can be done a number of ways but practice is key [I even have to practice since my born abilities get weak over time] pendulums are one way to communicate. You need a steady hand and an understanding of how it swings for you. Daily meditation, balancing your chakras, ans energy work can all help you as they can open your clairvoyant side and help you sense energy better. [Unfortunately even with practice some people just can't connect, so you may also wish to consider technology designed for the paranormal, but research so you don't get scammed.]

You don't really need spirits to practice banishings [perhaps you have come across spirits but they can sense this other motive so they keep their distance] you can do cleansing on energy which can be practice for banishings. Banishings can also be used on people you wish to get rid of [an ex, a stalker, bully]
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