What Are all the paths?

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What Are all the paths?
Post # 1
What are all the paths? Again a newbie question , but what are all the paths? What defines them from the rest? How does someone decide if they aren't aware of what they are choosing?
If some people can use this thread to post a description of their own path view without undermining or forcling it on others I would appreciate it. I'm fairly sure others may have questions as well so using this thread as a way to create awareness of the different views might be a help to others as well as myself .
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Re: What Are all the paths?
Post # 2
In regular theology there is three main ones that come up. The left middle and right. The left hand path is characterized by things such as free will, free love, and gerally doing whatever you want. The right hand path is more foucused on abstaining from sins and carnal pleasure. The middle path is well in the middle. The idea is to not go over board either way and profit from being in the middle.
Examples of each
Left- LaVean Satanism
Middle- Buddhism
Right- Islam
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Re: What Are all the paths?
Post # 3
There are many paths to choose from, for example, druidy, satanism, wicca, golden dawn, shamanism are some to choose from. Although some people choose and make their own paths and this is called electic paths. So it is up to you on how you choose your own path
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Re: What Are all the paths?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I myself would be more electic I suppose.

The god I most admire is most notably Greek. Yet research shows he is pre-hellenic as well as existing in many other cultures simply by another name.

Though I believe other gods exist he is the one I exclusively bond with and pray to. For personal reasons, I don't much have an interest in other gods in the Greek religion.

A lot of it is or at least was to me finding a religion that agrees with your ideals rather than conflicting.

Some religions are not in support of gays or women. I am both female and half gay myself. So I would not pick a religion that goes against myself or might promote self hatred.

My god is called, "the entertainer of women", he is the father of the amazons, spartans having gay relations was thought to boost morale and strengthen bonds.

I hope this helped just a little bit. Apologies if my example was not of inspiration or use to you.
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Re: What Are all the paths?
Post # 5
There's a joke that says ask 2 pagans what their views on religion are and you'll get 10 answers. :) There are maaaaaany different paths and how they're followed is dependent on the people involved. I'm very eclectic and shaman based myself. I practice by instinct mainly.

As for exactly what the paths are - it differs from person to person. Some believe in the Left and Right handed paths which is explained above. Some believe (like me) all religions are a type of path. Then there's personal experience and teaching and what the God(s) teach you if you're one to believe in a God. Yeah. It's complicated, LOL!
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