Why Vodou does not mix

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Forums -> Vodou -> Why Vodou does not mix

Why Vodou does not mix
By: / Novice
Post # 1

Something I see often is the mixing of Vodou with other tradition not only is this offensive to the spirits but will also make them agry but most of the time they will ignore the person or will do something to the person to teach them a lesson. Vodou is a tradition that is passed down through generations and generations. I have seen allot mixing which with posts like these I am trying to minimize it so that people can fully receive the blessing of the Lwa in their life. When it comes to mixing it is not only offensive but its also dangerous as we have 2 particular spirits in Vodou who protect and ensure that everything is done according to the regleman which are Papa Loko and Mambo Ayizan these two spirits are powerful protectors of the tradition and punishes those who do not go according to tradition. What I often hear also is because I am of African decent I can do whatever I want this is not true the spirits do not care if you are African,European,Middle-Eastern or what ever they still expect you to go according to tradition this keeps the connection between us and the Lwa strong. Let me tell a true story:

This happend about a year ago I was aproached by a man who tried to call Ogun through Legba not Ogou (Last name for hundreds of Nago Lwa) but the Orisha Ogun. He told me that he told Legba to open the door so that Ogun can come through. Sometimes the spirits ignore but sometime they will teach you a lesson. Now after a few minutes that he called on Ogun through Legba he shot himself in the leg by accident which left him in a wheelchair. And the thing is that people dont often want to admit what they are doing is wrong and he kept trying to prove me wrong but I knew it what the spirits telling him that what he did is not good and that they are angry. I have not been in contact with this man so I do not know what happend to him.

This is one of the reasons why I always say to go to a Mambo or Houngan and always be under the guidence of a Hounfo (House) to make sure things like this dont happen. The simple question to my title of this thread is Vodou does not mix with other paths is because the spirits will not allow it. If you are feeling that you are being called to Vodou please I beg you dont do anything rash try searching for a Mambo or Houngan so that you can get a reading to see if the spirits are calling you. Please people avoid trying to mix Vodou with other traditions or paths. Ayibobo !

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Re: Why Vodou does not mix
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Good post, dude. :D

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Re: Why Vodou does not mix
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Thank you

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