Honey jar break up

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Honey jar break up
Post # 1
so my honey jar that I used to break up a couple and have them find a new lover. I lit a red candle on it and the candle burned down not all the way, there is still half a inch of the candle there and the dripping of the wax is standing up it never melted down. what dose that mean? thanks
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Re: Honey jar break up
Post # 2

Ceromancy is one of the world?s most ancient forms of divination. Starring at a flame and viewing wax drippings is a great method of determining if your magic is working effectively. Additionally the way a candle unfolds or deconstructs as it melts can be very significant.

For your case I think wax residue means

When a candle leaves wax residue: If there is around 1/2? (1.27 cm) or more in the bottom, the spell needs to be repeated. Wax on the sides of the glass indicates where there are personal hindrances to the progress of the spell

You can check out the link to relate more since You know best about the behavior of the candle during and after the spell
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Re: Honey jar break up
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Honey jars are not used for breakup.

Honey jars are to atract and make a relationship sweeter you are using the wrong jar spell are there are many. Lighting a red candle will only bring more love and passion to the relationship and will not break them up. Honey jars are used for sweetning a situation or relationship whether it be friendship or a relationship between a girl and a boy a boy and a boy whatever its not used for breakup. I suggest you research a bit more on jar spells and you will see that there are many other jar spells besides honey jars.

Good Luck

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