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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Spirits

Post # 1
How can I see them or ask them to help me??
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Re: Spirits
Post # 2
If you know how to use an Ouija Board then that might help you. However I do suggest that if you're inexperienced then don't take the risk of talking to spirits. If you want to talk to a family member (that is dead ) of yours then that's a different case but don't attract evil spirits if you don't have a clue in this field

Best of luck!!
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Re: Spirits
Post # 3
When you try to contact a spirit it's like you're opening a door. The spirit that you want to contact may indeed be present, but other spirits may also enter, being evil or not.

You can however, try to summon them, it may be a little bit tricky to do so, 'cause obviously, you'll need means to protect your self or make sure that nothing bad will happen.

I'd suggest you read more about spirits. How to contac them, how to be sure nothing bad will hapen or a situation will get out of control etc..

There are some good spells/rituals and even forums on this website. Give them a try.

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Re: Spirits
Post # 4

MoonCurse is correct.

When you invite spirits into your home, your inviting strangers. You don't know their intentions or what to expect out of them. A good way to filter the good spirits from the bad is to cleanse your space and announce the intent that ill spirits are not allowed in your space. Anything negative is not allowed in your space. You can spread salt to increase protection.

In terms of seeing them, you won't to be able to see spiritual entities physically. They're spiritual. Spirituality originates within the mind and subconcious. But you may be able to feel their presence. It's important to keep an open mind and go with the flow. However, if anything goes sour, you have the power to push the spirit out of your space and essentially kick them out.

About asking them, there are multiple ways of doing this. You can go into a meditation and meet with them in a space within your mind or you can use divination such as pendulums or tarot cards. If you have a good knowledge of tarot cards, my method is to have the spirit "posess your cards" and give you the answers through the cards drawn. But meditation can essentially be the easiest.

But overall, be safe, and be smart. Stranger danger still applies in a spiritual setting. Good luck to you and yours. Hoped this helped.

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Re: Spirits
Post # 5
To see them with human body, you need an activated third eye... You can also see them by visiting Astral plane, however this might be dangerous, and get the attention in some cases...

As MoonCurse said correctly, an extremely easy way that even a beginner can do is by using a Ouija board. On the other hand, Ouija boards represent general summonings in cases you ask generally, eg "is anyone here?" This means anything could show up.

If you want to work up with any spirit-by using of ouija, I don't advice to ask from the first meeting their assistance... I suggest do get known each other for preety much time, and then ask them. There are spirits who are liars or tricksters. They may pretend to be a deceased loved one and so on.

If you decide to work this way, ask spirit's name so you can call it later. Ask information from them... Never trust a spirit from your first meeting if you aren't sure about it... Even if they pretend to be a deceased loved one, keep a balanced impression. Don't show the spirit you bite, but don't show also you don't believe it. For instance, if they say "I am your father, I missed you a lot etc" don't react like starting to cry and "father?! Oh god were have you been, I missed you so much, I love ya so much!..."..rather than "I see, thanks for info".
Call it many times more if you want by their name, and then talk with them. Always keep that balanced state. If they're a Demon, eventually they will get bored and leave...

To understand if an entity lies, you are able to understand through the way their energy manipulates. However, it's hard to tell if someone has little or no experience. It seems you don't have experience, that's why I'm telling you these.

One thing more. I'm suggesting this board because it's fairly easy to use, but I also had to warn you of the dangers. If I were you, I would take the advice of the two posters above about Reginleif has said, tarot cards or meditation could also help.
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Re: Spirits
By: / Novice
Post # 6

First thing you need to know is who are you trying to see or contact for help. Are trying to reach out to a ancestor or household spirits or some unknown spirit ? I would try to avoid calling on some unknown spirit that you might not know of. Instead try ancestral spirits I suggest reach out to Ancestors who have passed more than a year and a day. If you are still going to call to a unknown spirit I would have protections up because you have no idea who you are calling which is why I suggest to call to Ancestors instead of unknown spirits.

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Re: Spirits
Post # 7
You have to be relaxed and not be scared..well for me I've always seen and sensed a lot of paranormal activity. I remember one time it got so intense I prayed it away and it took a long time before I started seeing them again. If you're scared you won't see them or if you actively seek them.. it is has to natural, the feeling..
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