Does this work??

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Does this work??

Does this work??
Post # 1
Does this spell really work?? Would love to know :). thanks
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Re: Does this work??
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Not a chance. Spells are like a 'push', they can only help a situation that could happen without one. You cant shape shift, body swap, change you eye colour, fly, be a vampire or anything like that.

Spells should be properly constructed and have a realistic potential outcome. This spell has neither of those things

You should start with some basics, meditation, visualisation, grounding and energy work, without these skills any spell you attempt to do doesn't have much chance of working anyway.
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Re: Does this work??
By: / Novice
Post # 3
It absolutely will not work. It is completely unrealistic.

There are some great hints, even not being familiar with what magic is and how it works, that this spell does not work.

One hint is that the person who posted it apparently just made it up and posted it, hoping someone else would try and report back with results.

Another is that the person's syntax, capitalization, and the misuse of words (as in they just use the wrong word in places, such as "Best" when contextually it should be beist, and certainly should not be capitalized) are all very bad. There is absolutely no reason to capitalize every word in a sentence. The randomly capitalized words are also just awkward. There are no indications that the person does not speak English as a first language; rather it seems much more likely the author is very young, and presumably inexperienced.

Thirdly, yes: It's not in the Fantasy or Trick sections, but it is a body spell, under the Beauty spells. At best, a glamour will have an effect. Anything claiming to cause physical change is not realistic. Swapping bodies, however, being impossible though it is, is not a beauty spell. So even putting it in that section displays naivete.

I would not trust that person's posts.
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Re: Does this work??
Post # 4
Thanks guys i appreciate it. Right now I am trying to learn astral projection. kinda bummed that that spell isn't real but thats ok. :)
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