Christianity and Paganism

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Christianity and Paganism
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
This was a bit of a shower thought, honestly. I'm aware that Christianity is fairly different from most pagan religions and/or paths, but I've also read of Christian Pagans or areas of modern witchcraft/pagan concepts that seem to have adopted what might be considered quite Christian ideas. That being said, I only know so much, and so this is speaking from relative ignorance.

I was curious: what experience do you have with "christian paganism"? What are your opinions on the practice of incorporating christian ideas and concepts into pagan belief systems or personal practices? Since paganism is so malleable to an individual's beliefs, is this "doable", in a sense? Or do you feel the two should remain or be acknowledged as separate?

Thanks to any and all replies made :)
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Re: Christianity and Paganism
By: / Novice
Post # 2

It's a personal religious choice. People can practice more than one religion. For instance, I know someone who is a Vodouisant and a Hellenic Polytheist. There's no mixing involved; they practice both separately from each other.

On the side of magic and witchcraft, those things aren't inherently pagan. And a few pagan cultures, like Greece and Rome, did not take too kindly to those practices. Magic was practiced a long time by Christians; there are many influences of Christianity on versions of witchcraft, conjure, cunning crafts, and other folk magical practices. Ceremonial magic seems to be influenced much more by Jewish concepts.

Personally, I'm inspired by a lot of things; aspects of Christianity is among them.

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Re: Christianity and Paganism
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Me I am Catholic,Isiac Priest and also a Vodouwizan I do not mix Vodou with anything Isiac or the other way around. Now days there are allot of mixing of paths which I am not against but some traditions cannot be mixed with other paths. When it comes to Isiac I follow it in a Greco-Roman which I try to reconstruct the way they did it back then but does it bother me that other people mix Isis with other Gods no because its their individual path which I respect. Some traditions cannot be mixed nor is it adviced to dabble in because they are serious and powerful traditions.
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