Honey Jar On brother.

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Honey Jar On brother.
Post # 1
Ok so my brothers wife has been abusive towards my brother for the past year and a half. I truly believe my brother is only with her still because hes scared to be alone. Can I do a honey jar on him to attract a new lover to him and have her not care, make it peace full on the break up?
And how exactly would I do it?

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Re: Honey Jar On brother.
Post # 2
Honey Jars are usually done to sweeten someone's feelings towards you. They're maybe used to attract love but in your situation I would highly recommend that you talk things out with your brother first, I mean it's their marriage and if he still wants to fix it you can't attract a new lover for him. If he wants to break up with her, you guys could go for a break up spell but Magick is not the solution of everything. Isn't it better if things could be sorted out mutually instead of a spell? I would also suggest you to ask your brother's permission before doing a spell to attract a new lover because I really feel after going through an abusive relationship for a year and a half, one might not be in terms of getting into a new relationship.

I hope my answer is helpful to you
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Re: Honey Jar On brother.
By: / Novice
Post # 3
If she is abusive then they need to get some help from a professional. Abusive relationships are very traumatizing and this is why you need to try to convince them to to get help. Trying to attract someone while this person is in a abusive relationship will only make things much worse since the person is always afraid and also does not trust easily and will most likely make your brothers wife more aggressive. Honey jars can be used for attraction but its mainly used to sweeten up a situation like love,money,luck and so on. I would recommend instead of doing a honey jar to urge your brother and his wife to get professional help and you can do a peaceful home candle to bring peace within the home.
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Re: Honey Jar On brother.
Post # 4
It really sounds like you need to discuss your concerns with your brother, or leave it alone. It's not your circus, not your monkeys. Attracting a new lover will do nothing but cause problems, especially if he's still committed to the relationship.
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Re: Honey Jar On brother.
Post # 5
It's very nice of you that you want to help him out. However I wouldn't cast magick on someone without asking them if it's okay. Ask him if it's okay for you to do magick for him and what you would be doing, if he gives you the okay then proceed with a spell. From what it sounds like you can aid with magick, but he also needs to seek professional help such as marriage counselling. If it were me I would look into magick for emotional protection, or a spell that will help surround him with positive loving energy so that he and his wife can be happy together and have a better relationship. I wouldn't try to do anything to break them apart but do what you can to make they're relationship more positive. Now if he was to leave her on his own for some reason, then doing spells to attract new love might give him a boost c: Just be careful in what you do and always ask permission!
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