Oracle cards

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Oracle cards
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
When it comes to oracle cards I notice some come with books. Is it important to get one with books or are the cards enough? I'm buying my first oracle set and not sure how to go about doing it. Any helps or tips would be wonderful for when I buy and how to use it.
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Re: Oracle cards
Post # 2
My strong recommendation to you is to actually get it with a book. You need to learn the meanings from somewhere, unless you are a pro, who knows how to get a feel of the cards!

Good luck!
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Re: Oracle cards
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Most decks come with a booklet telling you the meaning of the cards, which can be useful at first but I generally disregard them after a while.

For example the booklet that comes with The Druid Plant Oracle is full of psychobabble so I don't bother with it and just use the folkloric associations with the plants on the cards.
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Re: Oracle cards
Post # 4
In the long run, the book is worthless.
In essence the only real purpose a book of card meanings serves is to the people who don't previously have access to information explaining a better way. By simply understanding the fact that Oracle cards or even most forms of fortune telling (those not particularly associated with a specific culture and with prior rules to using them) are extremely personal, you've no long any need for the booklet. It's really just to show you an idea of how the cards work. The actual practice goes much farther than what the books offer information on.
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Re: Oracle cards
Post # 5

When I first got into divination a year or so ago, I bought a oracle deck by accident. It came with a small book. But boy are they so hard to read. I find the rider waite deck is easier for me. I was also told that I didnt by the oracle deck by accident an everything has a reason. These books an other books that come with them are used to start you off. In time, your ability goes stronger and you wont need them and you will start to get anwsers that are not even associated with the books.

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Re: Oracle cards
Post # 6
It depends on the deck honestly. Some are super confusing even with texts on the cards themselves. I would recommend one with a book. There are very entertaining Oracle cards out there. I would say look into Blue Angel Publishing for Oracle decks
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