beginner seeks advice

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beginner seeks advice
Post # 1
Hello all you amazing people! First off let me say that I've come across the sweetest "strangers" on this site! very inspiring and so kind! so thank you for the hospitality!

I'm currently seeking advice and tips on candle magic and honey/sugar jars

I made a honey love jar for an ex of mine and I'm guessing its not working cause literally nothing happened but i'm sure I made mistakes and want to discuss them with someone

It's been over a month since my ex and I split up and his attitude towards me immediately changed, so much that we couldn't even stay friends.. I tried and still want to try from my heart before giving up hope and I feel the honey/sugar jar will just give it a nudge.

about candle spells, Ive read some beautiful ones here but i know its better to make a new spell
My question is can I do a love or reconciliation or friendship candle spells on any day of the week (Except tuesday) or should I only do it on friday? (As i know friday represents Venus)

I would love any input, advice or spells to do with love, reconciliation and friendship.. I really want to try to bring my ex back in my life.

Please be kind everyone, I'm just trying my best to learn.

Much much love and Blessed be
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Re: beginner seeks advice
Post # 2
I mean no offense when I say this, but why do you want your Ex back so badly? They kind of sound like a jerk.

Also, I'm guessing the reason the honey jar didn't work is because your Ex really doesn't want to maintain a relationship with you. You can't bend someones will, or change their feelings, with such magic.

If you REALLY want to have a friendship with your Ex, I'd say leave them alone for a while. Try a friendship spell in a few months, and then try to reconnect.
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Re: beginner seeks advice
Post # 3
Hi Leota, Thank you for your advice

I don't mean to defend him but he didn't cut me out of his free will.. At least not in the beginning that I know of, I wouldn't know now since we're not in touch.. theres a back story to this.
I think my honey jar didn't work because I didn't use a jar with a metal lid, rather a plastic one with metal centre and one of my candles burned a tiny hole into the lid, I sort of patched it but I'm assuming it was one of the reasons? I don't really know thats why im looking for advice

I'm okay with not having a romantic relationship with him, what I do want is to have a friendship because it's kind of interfering within our mutual friends.. so I just want to cleanse that negativity
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Re: beginner seeks advice
Post # 4
There are a few things that do need to be addressed. One she is right when saying you can not change a person's will that also includes their wants feeling and the way you thing. Honey jars and candle magic are not ment to make them come see you, or see you in a different light. Its ment to either decrease ot increases the feeling that are spread there.
There is more than one type of love and you are looking to try and recreate a friendship one. Tho I'm only assuming here from context. And well that imposing on their will. And that type of magic does not work that way
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Re: beginner seeks advice
Post # 5
Love potions and jars can not work against someone's will by the way ;)
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Re: beginner seeks advice
Post # 6
Exactly my point. No matter the will. Thanks Zeta
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Re: beginner seeks advice
Post # 7
Thank you for your replies!

The reason I chose honey jar and candle is because I don't want to go against anyone's free will, I want to sort of cleanse the negativity and see if there's something still there between my ex and I, If nothing works ill know and accept it, but I want to do it right.

I don't want anyone in my life that isn't meant to be in it :)

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