Aura Photos !

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Aura Photos !
Post # 1

So I like to think of myself as an amateur in photography. I have been taking pictures ever since I can remember. I own a canon rebel. I was wondering if it is possible to take pictures of peoples auras with this kind of camera and what settings do you use ? Thank you!

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Re: Aura Photos !
Post # 2
I don't believe it is possible, considering that auras are simply made of energy and are typically not visible to the untrained eye. But there's always photoshop where you could add in the aura that you see (if you have learned how to do both of those things).
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Re: Aura Photos !
Post # 3
there are cameras and devices you can get specifically for viewing auras. google it. I haven't a clue on the prices of them, but they exist, and have done for some time.
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Re: Aura Photos !
Post # 4

I have seen street photographers doing it,

but the cameras they use are instant polaroids.

What they do is ask if they believe in auras!

some say yes some say know then they ask what color do you think yours is now?

almost 95% of the people get it right!

thanks for everyone insight, if anyone else has information on this id love to hear it,


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Re: Aura Photos !
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

I believe that the 'spiritual energy' people talk about is also known as a form of electro-magnetism. The only 'unknown' thing would be that it holds an aspect of consciousness. But even consciousness can be seen in the brain's own electro-chemical processes. I believe that your consciousness is the electric part of that, whereas the chemicals are the body's way of effecting and being effected by it. Also, the soul would be your electro-magnetic form without a body. It may not always exist on a measureable frequency. We know that electro-magnetism comes out of the body even if we are not involved in the occult, and the way magnetic waves work, this phenomena could even resemble an 'aura'. Capturing the electro-magnetic frequencies that come out of the body is your best bet for capturing something like an aura, in my opinion.

Not sure what camera settings you would use but that might put you in the right direction.

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Re: Aura Photos !
Post # 6

I have looked up online. But you need special glasses/camera's/software/equipment. I was hoping maybe I could just use my canon camera I got for Christmas with a special lens of sorts but I guess not. Thank you for the explanation !

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