Magik book/ Homemade

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Magik book/ Homemade
Post # 1
I'm really curious and am just trying to find some suggestions on how i should start making my own magick and crafts book. I been using a notebook sorta for writing some lyrics and write down my feelings just so i can recall how i was feeling in the past. My question is how should I start it out and how to create your own spell?
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Re: Magik book/ Homemade
Post # 2


Book of Shadows

Well, first of all, here are some links to start your own Book of Shadows. (Some important information to know more about it, and how to create it):


You can also buy some kind of big journal or book, but I think a simple, and personilized notebook, would be much better, in my opinion.

Choose to use it as a daily diary, where all your information is kept. Or maybe you want to maintain a couple of different books, separating your daily thoughts into one, research and magickal information into an other, with spells and incantations into a third.Rememeber, its all up to you.

Some things your Book of Shadows, or Magickal journal can include are the following:

  • Day, Date, Time
  • Daily Horoscopes
  • Emotions of the Day, Thoughts
  • Important parts of the day
  • Divination results
  • Spell Outcomes, incantations, prayers
  • Dreams
  • Goals and Aspirations
  • Some research
  • Classes, Studies, Experiences
  • Rituals and Ceremonies

...And much more! You can also make a Herbal Book of Shadows, or a section related to Herbal stuff in your Magickal journal, if you want to.

Spell creation

Then, how to create your own spell? Well, here are some links with some information and steps which Im sure you will need:


Rightafter creating (and casting) the spell, keep believing it will work, but do not think of it the entire day, as you may start to worry about the spell.

Belief makes spells work, Doubt kills them!

You can also check other websites and do some more research, if you need more information about all of this. I just put some articles and websites I believe they are the most important, and interesting information for you to read. I hope this helped you.


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Re: Magik book/ Homemade
Post # 3
Wow good job
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Re: Magik book/ Homemade
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Just a small addition:

You can definitely make a word document, or a Google Document to function as the Book of Shadows. You could also print it off anytime you want to make a physical book. Great for when you want to switch, don't have to rewrite everything.

And yes, I understand the personal quality of writing, but some people have dysgraphia or generally can't read their hand writing. Journals are very intimate, not being able to read the journal sort of misses the point.

One of the links suggests to write the Wiccan Rede into the Book of Shadows, this is not neccessary unless you are Wiccan or Neo-Wiccan. It's not the only way to begin one.

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Re: Magik book/ Homemade
Post # 5

To my nowledge there isn't really a right or wrong way to write your own book of shadows so your notes could all ready be considered a book of shadows, although it's probably one of the more diorganized ones lmao. But it;s really up to you, use a note book, a special book that looks cool or even a word document.

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Re: Magik book/ Homemade
By: / Novice
Post # 6

As stated before by the others, a Book of Shadows is your own personal journey through your search for knowledge, it chronicles your journey and gives you information. Everyones will be different and the layout may change often over the years he more you add to it. This allows for a workable set up so you can find what you need or want without having to sort through different noebooks to find it. If you choose to use notebooks I suggest a different one for each section so that you can find what you want quicker and easier. I like the hands-on method as aposed to having it on a computer. My own personal thing due to having to share with my son and so if I want to make a recipe or input in my book I would have to work around the my son who is being homeschooled. It allows for me to have a physical book to use when ever I needed to without waiting.

I myself wrote a poem of my feeling and wrote and answered a few questions as to why I wanted to be a witch for my first few pages. I also have my alter layout candle color and scent information for working spells, along with crystals, and herbs as well. I have also written a list of books that I have read and those I still want to read (a never ending list), I write down information found in the books and online and of course cite were the information came from so that I know where to look it back up if I need to.

Your Book Of Shadows is exactly that, yours. You cam create it anyway you like but always keep in mind of how you wnt to be able to access it later, rumaging through 50 notebooks later on to find a spell that you want may get a little danting to say the least.

Good luck on your journey,

Blessed Be

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Re: Magik book/ Homemade
By: / Novice
Post # 7

I apologize but it looks like a portion of what I wrote somehow got deleted before I summitted it.

I was saying that I us a binder which allows me to add dividers and create different sections. This allows for me to add to any section without fuse.

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