Mugwort !

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Mugwort !
Post # 1

A friend of mine knows about me trying to attempt to crystal scry. She also knows an has witnessed my dreams that I have that come true. I told her about how I would love to make these dreams happen more often, As well as learning more about this topic. I told her I was struggling and feel as if I am in front of a brick wall not going anywhere with this topic.

so she gave me a bundle of mugwort. She mentioned it might help. I asked her how and she said to burn it like incense before bed. She said it will induce a clairvoyant state.

But then another friend said not to burn it put to but it into my pillow case before bed. Has anyone used mugwort and if so how did they use it? I tried looking online but all I could find was what the herb was used for or what it can be used for . It never showed how to use it. Can anyone lend some advice or help into directions on how to use this herb and if it can help.


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Re: Mugwort !
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Artimisia vulgaris contains thujone. Some people claim it is a mild hallucinogen, while others disagree. Tgujone is, however, a neural stimulator.

It can be used in many ways, typically as an incense (in which case its smoke will inevitably be inhaled) or as a tea.

It is known to induce vivid dreams, and intense visualization during meditation.

Take that as you will.
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Re: Mugwort !
Post # 3
I've only really studied Chinese and Korean Medicine in terms of herbs therefore it will most likely differ to Western uses. Anyhoo0
Mugwort comes in several forms, dried being most common, if you go to asian groceries you might be lucky enough to find a fresh bunch, or most asian stores will have it in powder form (handy to keep a bag of mugwort powder)
Mugwort is often used in cooking all around Asia, people believe it promotes good health in general so for important occasions, eg. birthdays or New Years or weddings etc. mugwort is used in a lot of cooking or the powder is used to decorate and give flavour to sweets to give as presents symbolic for good health in the year/s to come. Mugwort powder has a deep green colour and mugwort in general has a sort of bitter and medicinal taste to it (I don't know why its used in things like mochi but its tradition I guess)
Fresh ground up mugwort can be applied topically to the skin (if its too dry add a tsp of Almond oil). Mugwort as antibacterial as well as local anaesthetic factors, relieves burns and rashes as well as arthritis and muscle pains. Fresh sprig can also be chewed to relieve toothaches and headaches.
Mugwort powder can be made into herbal tea, its good for relaxation, relieving mild anxiety and stress (great so great for exam periods). Drink a warm cup of it before bed, sweetened with something obviously. The tea is also used to regulate menstrual cycles, so if you're menstrual cycle is irregular or extremely painful or long excessive bleeding, ginger tea with a tea spoon of Mugwort powder might help. WARNING: drinking excessive amounts of mugwort might induce miscarriages.
A chilled version of the tea is also given to people who have acid reflux or prone to stomach and other gastric ulcers, as it creates a nice or thickens the protective mucous coating.
Dried Mugwort is often burnt as incenses, its believed that the smoke of the mugwort is good for your lungs, so if you have a chesty dry coughs breathing the mugwort incense smoke or the steam from a warm mug of mugwort tea is said to help. WARNING: Mugwort causes mucous secretion so people with medical conditions or already have excessive mucous should avoid.

Now to answer your question :) I reckon burning it as incense will do best, maybe combine it with other herbs of your choice (in my opinion mugwort is not the best smelling incense)
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Re: Mugwort !
Post # 4
Having said all that, I'm not a certified or clinical practitioner of Chinese or Korean med. (This is knowledge thats been passed down to me).
Therefore I cannot diagnose and prescribe any herbal remedies, these are just suggestions and to answer your questions about the uses and how to use of mugwort.

I have included some of my own thoughts and opinions in (brackets), as well as "WARNINGS:" so so please please read them carefully.

Have a great day.
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Re: Mugwort !
Post # 5

thank you everyone, for your help once again love & light !

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Re: Mugwort !
Post # 6
Ive heard mugwort is good for When you are going to gives you good dreams
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Re: Mugwort !
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Etheriel, you touch on some great information about mugwort (also called black sage -- especially when bundled for smudging).

Artimisia (as a genus) is known to promote good circulation. It is so named as an association with Artemis. Sometimes it is also used as an herbal remedy for things like havy periods amd other related issues.

But again, always research and consult an actual professional before using herbal medicine!
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