Did I Astral Project?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Did I Astral Project?

Did I Astral Project?
Post # 1
I am taking a break from AP since the beginning of the year. Sometimes from then, with no expecting it at all, I get vibrations out of the blue. I try to seperate but alwayw fail.

This day, I have been with about 5 hours of sleep. I was feeling very exhausted, so I layed down to take a nap. I got vibrations after a long time and I was trying to seperate. I was hearing noises like air in my mind.

After a while, I saw I was trying to AP on a dream..however I saw the house in a way-a weird one..just towards one direction. I was seing things more limited and maybe with a black shade around them. I tried to go to Hell to see a Demon but I failed..I was thinking "I have to go to Hell, I have to go to Hell now before it's too late!" I felt like my left eyes was closed there, so I tried to open it. When I did try I "came back" immediately and with no feeling anything.

What was it???
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Re: Did I Astral Project?
Post # 2
Possibly sleep paralysis.

Astral projection is often practiced by using sleep paralysis as a method. If you find that it works for you, I suggest looking into it and seeing what you can do with it. It's pretty fun, isn't it?
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Re: Did I Astral Project?
Post # 3
This experience could have been a dimensional shift, I've been experiencing strange dimensional fluctuations recently. The air in your mind and the vibrations is something that has happened to me as well. While I am leaving my physical body I get vibrations that turn into WHOOSHING in my head and it continues while I travel around the higher planes. I have never tried traveling to the lower planes but if that's your thing go for it.
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Re: Did I Astral Project?
Post # 4
Idog I have searched a lot and I know about's also achieved through trance. I don't know if it was sleep paralysis, everytime I go there I Imediatelly get vibrations, like an automatic mechanism-while I don't control it.
It's Very fun... ^_^

What dimenssional shift is?? Someone told me I am "trapped" or something in magnetic fields; because I have seperated only my half upper-body or only head and I have made a small connection, not complete though.

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Re: Did I Astral Project?
Post # 5
I don't have a concrete grasp on dimensional shifts yet but it happens when you see something from a higher dimension and you focus an energy connection between you and the object. When it happens to me I see strange lights flash at me and I can hear almost like a pan flute in the distance of my mind if that makes any sense. I call it a dimensional shift because the phrase came to my head from an unknown source. Meditation on the words dimension shift bring me to an intense meditation experience. For example last week when meditating on the subject it gave me a visual trip where my hands in front of me stretched out like mr.fantastic. I also got visions of myself from an outside perspective like in looking in from a remote viewing point of view. Ever sense I started calling this collective phenomenon dimensional shifts the frequency has increased 500%

On the astral projection note, not fully separating could have been a possibility for me as well. Last week I cleared a block in my root chakra and my last astral projection experience was before I re-opened this chakra. If you with any stones or crystals I would recommend prehnite. With my experience with prehnite it vibrates in our dimension and also a higher dimension and making the connection to the higher dimension helps me project.
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