Lucid/Astral Dream !

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Lucid/Astral Dream !

Lucid/Astral Dream !
Post # 1

So I have been reading and studying magick,occult,hermetic,Para psychology and other topics/subjects of this matter for some time now. IM pretty good at interpreting my own dreams. But I cant seem to figure out this one I had a week or so ago.

So before bed I was shuffling my tarot deck. Read my daily card and went to bed. I awoke within my dream. If that makes any sense. I new I was dreaming and was in my bedroom at the foot of my bed. It was night time in my dream. I really feel as if, I was lucid dreaming maybe even astral.

Then all off a sudden I heard a voice, A man voice asking if I was ready. I looked around and couldn't see anyone. It was as if the voice was coming out of thin air. I replied yes I am ready. Thinking maybe this dream has to do with my spiritual path of some sorts. I was then told my this voice not to be scared.

There where other questions asked an answered I do remember that but I cant pin point with accuracy what exactly what said or even discussed for that matter. Just those two questions. Does anyone at all have any suggestions/advice/criticism of what this dream is about? thank you and love and light,

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Re: Lucid/Astral Dream !
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

I'm not sure what it was about exactly, I would need to make too many assumptions to say for certain.

However, if you feel good about it, it may be a good indicator that you are on the right track and should continue on your path of personal development.

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Re: Lucid/Astral Dream !
Post # 3

thank you soz, for the reply I greatly appreciate it !

I got that same feeling, but dont know who this voice was and why it was said?

Also a few weeks ago I awoke at 3am to 330am to find a spirit in my hallway.

The spirit looked identical to the hermit card from tarot! still trying to make sense of this all,

but again thank you for the reply,

love & light,

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Re: Lucid/Astral Dream !
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

I believe that spirits sometimes communicate with us on a subconscious level - we may not be aware of it, but they suggest things and sometimes ask questions, I can see how "are you ready" might be one of those. Your spirit may respond or your subconscious may respond automatically.
And telling you not to be scared is probably something they say often, to try to make sure people don't feel threatened. Because spirituality scares a lot of people when it gets 'too real'.

There is a chance that it was also dream symbology. This would mean that the message would represent your own feelings or thoughts about what is going on right now. However, sometimes we do become more aware of spirits in our dreams.

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