Adhd/Add & Meditation?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Adhd/Add & Meditation?

Adhd/Add & Meditation?
By: / Novice
Post # 1
For those of us who have trouble focusing what are some techniques used to help keep the focus?

Maybe a special calming tea that helps you? Maybe a different way you sit to be relaxed?

Any specific differences you use for deity meditation versus spirit meditation and so on?
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Re: Adhd/Add & Meditation?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Are you asking about trouble focusing, or legitimate ADD or ADHD?

If you are just having trouble focusing, then whatever helps helps. Otherwise just practice, keeping time short at first and gradually increasing.

As for ADD and ADHD, it's the same. Meditation is not something I see as an actual treatment, but regular practice will train the brain to focus. However, these are (debatably) actual disorders which can be treated. Meditation, however, may be a way to help calm and focus the mind.

Every time you deliberately choose an action, you are creating a pattern to follow in the future. If you can focus on meditation for thirty seconds, you can increase that to 45 seconds. Some people say to start with several minutes, which is fine. But some people may start off being successful with long stretches of meditation while others who want to meditate start with shorter durations.
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Re: Adhd/Add & Meditation?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Okay so start small and increase the time. That's a good idea. I can set a timer and aim to increase it each time. That's a good idea.

I wasn't so much saying I want meditation to help me with the adhd as I feel that it is making it a little harder for me.

So I figured some of the other wiccans/pagans on this site are bound to have these problems too and share with me ways that helped them meditate despite that.

I was thinking some of the techniques others use with the similar problem might be an applicable solution if that makes any sense.

But thank you for your advice! I figure if I can do it for thirty minutes, increase it by ten each night...Thirty turns into forty, forty turns into fifty, fifty turns into an hour, an so on. The steady increase will help. Also the repetition should help. Forming the habit should make the adjustment easier. Then hopefully the rest will follow with practice.
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