Making Tools

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Making Tools
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It is quite easy to make most tools you need, but in fact you do not actually need tools really, but if you need a certain tool for something and cant find/buy it then please do read on.

Wand: Find a stick from the ground, PLEASE do not break it from a tree! Scrape the bark off with a knife, preferably penknife or Stanley knife but Caution is needed! Please be careful! Decorate it with string, twine, leather, feathers, gemstones, stones, etc, charge it.

Pentagram or Pentacle: Often needed for alters or certain spells. Can be made from wood or cardboard, depending on what you have. If its wood, get a piece any size you want, draw a template of a Pentagram, you will probably need a coping saw for the windy bits, but again make do with what you have. Give it a sand down after and its optional to paint it. Do the same if using cardboard. Be careful!

Book Of Shadows: Very very useful! Recommend this to any Witch! Can be used to write down information, spells etc. You can find any old journal and decorate it, or if you really want to make it get a piece of cardboard, fold in half, cut out pieces of paper all the same size! Fold and stick them in. Decorate with leather, fabric, paper, feathers etc.

Candles: If you can find other candles that are not needed or only have a bit left in the end, melt it for a few seconds in the microwave but be careful the glass wont break! Pour it into a mould, lid, jar etc. Crayons would be really handy! Melt them down and pour into a mould! They work AMAZINGLY!

Need any other tools and don't know how to make them? Please ask away!
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