Info on Faeries

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Info on Faeries
Post # 1
First of all you may ask "How do I know all of this?" And the answer is because since I'm a very young I've seen fae, spirits and many other creatures. Now lots of people will hardly believe me, that's okay, your entitled to your beliefs, but any hate comments id rather not have, so if your skeptical please do not bash others beliefs. First of all people usually think faeries are kind little human - like creatures, but actually many are very mean and nasty. Faeries are made of energy, they are spiritual creatures which live on the Astral Plane, there is a "wall" between the Astral and Earth, that thins and thickens at certain times and certain days of the year which makes it easier to see them, although they can pass through anytime they like. Just like dogs or cats or birds, faeries have different types or "breeds" sort of. There's different types of Fae. Elves, gnomes etc are tied in with Fae. Fae can be attracted by food, spells, herbs, flowers, gardens and many more. You may not see or hear them but you may feel their presence, or you may even see them mentally. Plant flowrs that attract bees and butterflies, dont litter and be eco friendly, be kind to animals and the earth, leave out honey, sugar, milk, cake, sweets etc and talk to them even if you cant see or hear them. You may see flashes, flickers, shadows anything like that and especially in nature which are most likely fae. Any questions will be happily answered!
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Re: Info on Faeries
Post # 2
Your information is all correct... :)

I have a question and I would be glad if you answered. If it is easy, can you describe me some of the sub-types of Faeries? Both in appearance and character characteristics. Thank you!
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Re: Info on Faeries
Post # 3
I've done these and one time when I was outside in the woods I fell asleep by a tree, I was walking around bare foot and when I was climbing up a tree I kept feeling something touch my feet, like something trying to either push me up or tickle me.
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Re: Info on Faeries
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Info sounds correct from my studies. However, you don't generally want to attract the fae. That is part of the more modern ideas of the fae after they were romanticized during the victorian period. If you study the old folktales of them you will find that fae do things like steal food, kidnap children, lure folks to their deaths, trick people into being stuck in the faery realm, cause people to dance at parties until they collapse from exhaustion or die, etc. The food left out was more to keep the fae happy so they would leave you and your family alone.
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Re: Info on Faeries
Post # 5
This is not the only time it's happened, once I was outside and my foot got stuck in a trap of some sorts, once again I felt as if though something was tickling me and when I got my foot out I saw a pit with nothing in it. Though if I go outside again I will see small lights out of the corner of my eyes. Could it be that they are jsut playing tricks on me or something?
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