Dream interpretation

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Dream interpretation
Post # 1
Hey! So I have a friend that he really needs help with a dream interpretation. He sees this dream all the time, almost every night I think. By the way, if the member I asked takes this as a misunderstunding, it's not. I'm just trying to get more sources...
Here's the dream, these are his words:

"Only 2 peope, me and someone who seems like a female in shape, but has no physical appearance as she's made out of energy, she tells me of the future or hints, and most of the time comes true, even if it's not in the right order she said, I'm also surrounded by a forest, not a large forest, but still a forest, when I'm having this dream, I'm at tranquility or peace. there are a few other pieces of the dream, but I can't remember".
He also tried to contact that..entity...
He says he only got a meessage in the form of sense like "the hope of life shall pass to you".

Help is needed, any kind of help is lreety much appreciated. Thanks guys!
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Re: Dream interpretation
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
More often than not, the meaning of a dream, whether subconscious play or whatever, is internal rather than external.

That said, it's not necessarily a bad idea to seek advice, though direct interpretation may not be given.

Sometimes in my own dreams a non-physical or unformed person is often either a trope of sorts. That is if my mind cannot concoct enough bits of other people to create a companion for the part, the person may just end up incorporeal. If your friend believes it is an entity, then she may be in the form of a concept than having a physical form in the dream.

As for the forest, in my own dreams I often know more about a place than my immediate surroundings, as if I am familiar with wherever I happen to be in the dream. So the forest may not be large. The questions to ask is what role it plays for your friend, or what is outside the forest. That is, when he, in the dream, leaves the forest, where would he go? Such questions have enabled me to explore in recurring dream locations.
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Re: Dream interpretation
Post # 3
This was his answer:

"The forest plays a part of tranquility or peace for me in the dream, the only thing beyond the forest is a bit of a hill. and nothing else."
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