Crow Dream

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Crow Dream
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Good afternoon all,

So, first off I must forewarn you that some of the information here is a little unsettling in places. If you feel uncomfortable with mildly grim/gruesome material, please be careful as the ahead writing has unpleasant aspects.

I can't remember any one part clearly, but there are fragmented images. I saw a fallen nest, the size of my cupped hands, torn apart (left on the floor at the base of my bed, possibly). I had actually seen the same nest in waking life, on a walk that day, in a hedgerow. Fluffy feathers had filled the inside, but I'd investigated no further.

The primary part of the dream that I wish to discuss involved crows, though. They may have been ravens, but there were lots of them, all dead in one pile ( quite brutal, but I wasn't disgusted until I woke up and remembered the dream later). All I thought about was how the beaks could be useful (not pleasant, I know, but this was in dream-time).

For some context, I have been researching Hecate recently as she has been popping up a lot in my readings and other research. I've been seeing a lot of crows and ravens, too, but that may be just the season and me noticing them more. What is particularly interesting (and a bit grim) is that on a 'spirit' walk recently I came across what I think may have been the lower beak and bones of a blackbird, with small black feathers all strewn around a hole stone (apparently associated with fertility amongst other things). The beak was actually tucked away inside the hole, but I felt this was a really strong sign and coupled with the dream I can't help but think that maybe this has something to do with Hecate. Since then a small blackbird seems to have moved in nearby, but that day it started to hang out in my garden a lot. Of course, much of this is easily accountable to mundane explanations, it's just the conincidence of it all happening here and now, as I've begun exploring ideas of matron deities and am now researching into Hecate.

Much of what I remember of the dream is also questionable in terms of accuracy, as I only remembered these details almost two hours after waking. For example, I think I had been thinking of Hecate upon waking, before I even opened my eyes, but now I'm not sure if this was actually later. The order of recent events is also questionable, but I've been planning to do a detailed research of Hecate for months and only now after all of this have I decided to do a proper entry into my Grimoire.

I thought about this all for a short time, and did a little research, but if anyone has any ideas about what this may mean (if anything) then your insight would be greatly valued.
Thanks to any and all replies made.

Bright Blessings,
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Re: Crow Dream
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
A first couple of thoughts:
The interpretation of a dream is completely up to you. More often than not, seeking inward will help reveal an answer more than seeking outwardly.
Secondly, it seems perhaps some things -- such as the nest -- have made an impression on your subconscious.
A third thought as a bonus: synchronicity is for you to determine, and is a matter of belief. Yes: it may all be coincidence, with mundane explanation. Natural occurrence or not, though, you may still consider it synchronicity if you so choose.

There are some tropes associated with corvids. They are untelligent and vocal birds. Many different cultures consider them wise, messengers of gods or spirits, and possibly spies or used for remote viewing. Odin comes to mind.

I do not know much of Hecate, so I lack any insight in her rwgard on the matter.

But you may want to explore why your subconscious was so fixated on the beak: the coice and tool of the crow or raven, and why it is so usedul to you.
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Re: Crow Dream
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Thanks for the help, prsona
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