Acoda's Love & Lust Spell

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Acoda's Love & Lust Spell
Post # 1
I am madly in love with a girl who is avoiding me. I want to use this spell on her, however I have read about using male semen or urine to cast a Love or Lust spell. Please let me know if I can combine my semen or urine along with this spell and if yes do I need to modify the way I cast the spell.
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Re: Acoda's Love & Lust Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Or you can talk to the girl, magick is not the solution to every problem and love spells are notoriously iffy.

Why, if you love this girl, would you want her to be forced into loving you? That is not love, that would be infatuation.

If you want to have your feeling reciprocated, then talk to her, build a friendship, build a connection between the two of you and then see how things naturally go, rather than forcing something that could very well make both of you miserable.

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Re: Acoda's Love & Lust Spell
Post # 3
I am friends with her and we are very close to each other but she is playing very hard to get hence I want to cast the spell.
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Re: Acoda's Love & Lust Spell
Post # 4
If she is truly simply "playing hard to get" , then why not try to properly woo her? You are "madly in love" with her yet you have trouble simply fufilling this one request?

Also , are you sure she is "playing hard to get"? Many males make the mistake of continuing their advances when the other party wishes for it to cease due to males thinking they are merely "playing hard to get". Many a time , they just want you to back off.

If she is avoiding you...then you most likely and probrably have severely disturbed her or made her seriously uncomfortable

By avoiding the other party, it usually means a big firm NO to all advances. So I recommend you cease.
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Re: Acoda's Love & Lust Spell
Post # 5
I wanted to check how to cast the spell. One of the main reasons people cast spell is that they want something really hard. Almost all love spells are cast with that expectation. There are multiple spells which are cast by women so I don't think what I intend to do is wrong or evil. Guys please help me how to cast this spell and make it more potent.
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Re: Acoda's Love & Lust Spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

Let me ask you another question then. What exactly is your experience and knowledge about spellcasting in general? Have you ever cast a spell before? Do you understand how and why magic works? Have you learned and practiced the basics of spellcraft? If the answer to any of these is no, then it is unlikely that your spell is going to work in any case.

The very best spells are those that you create yourself for the specific magical purpose you have in mind. That being said, you can take a spell you find on the internet and use it as a basis to create a new spell by modifying the original spell to suit your needs.

I won't tell you not to do a love/lust spell. But I will point out that magic does not create love, especially if love is not there in the first place. What a love spell does is make it more likely that love will develop if you are willing to put in the time and effort to create love mundanely. Since you seem to be unwilling to do more than simply cast a spell it is unlikely that the spell you are talking about will give you the results you wish in the long run.

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