I need help in Spells,

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> I need help in Spells,

I need help in Spells,
Post # 1
am new in witchcraft and i need a hand so if u can help me i will be gland
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Re: I need help in Spells,
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Spells should be the least of your concern if you are new to the craft.

The best place to start is with the basics, you can try the "Starting Out" and "Basics Expanded" forums, other than that it is good to start learning the Basics: Meditation (not everyone includes this), Centering, Grunding and Visualization.

WIthout these you may struggle with casting and the information that requires the basics.

Best of Luck.

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Re: I need help in Spells,
Post # 3

You may already know this but I just want to put it out there. Spells can not alter dna structure. Spells cant change your eye colour, Fix your nose, Make you taller, Change you into an animal, Or Change into a vampire or werewolf.

With that being said. I would start off by researching all the many different paths. If you find one that you like that is great. There is lots of books,research,videos and websites on many of the paths.

I also would like to recommend Modern Magick by Donald Michael Craig, This book was a lifesaver REALLY, it helped me alot. I also have a link to a pdf if you are interested so you can read it right away without downloading it.

I would also suggest get three books. One/ a dream journal, right down all the dreams you find important. Two/a daily journal, You record how your day went things bothering you. Three/ The last book use for spells. But only put the spells in the book if you are satisfied with the result and you liked the outcome.

before casting any spells learn how to ground and I would also suggest think over situations and outcomes of those spells. View from both sides pros/cons and stay neutral and balanced.

Also learning a divination tool would be great as well. Whether its tarot,runes,scrying,astrology,tea leaf reading,palm reading ext. Last but not lease meditation is a great tool to learn as well.

I hope this helps :)! If you would like that book or have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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Re: I need help in Spells,
Post # 4
Go to newbie central and go through the tabs and then go to the articles page, spells should be the last of your concern at this point you need to learn the basics first hand
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