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Need a suggestion
Post # 1
Hello all,
I am facing numerous significant life obstacles, one of which is what seems like an insurmountable project I need to complete right now to keep my job. I am willing to work, and to try my best (though that's no guarantee it'll be enough) -- but wonder if anyone might be willing to suggest a spell that I might invoke to just have that bit of wind behind my back. Thank you
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Re: Need a suggestion
By: / Novice
Post # 2
'wind behind my back'? you mean extra energy to finish this project? i don't know of one to complete a project, but you could look into herbs that give extra energy so you can stay up to finish it.

if you are 'facing numerous significant life obstacles' i would take a step back and evaluate your life. i don't know these obstacles, [and from your post it sounds like you're on thin ice at work] but ask yourself if it's all worht it. i'm not saying give up, but if you hate your job [for example] do your best on the project, but try finding new employment [which you can cast a spell for more work] or if you're in financial turmoil, you could cast a spell to help boost your savings, or if you're having housing issues, make a plan to find a better place and cast a spell to help you should you find one.

i feel when a bunch of bad things happen at once it's the universes/Gods way of forcing you out of your comfort zone. [sure there's ups and downs, but when a bunch of obstacles present themselves in a short period of time, it's probably a sign] you should evaluate your life, change what you want, remove what doesn't serve you, and focus on what you love about your life. good luck to you.
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Re: Need a suggestion
Post # 3
Thank you for the message. I actually love my job. It's rather that obstacles in my life have spread me thin. I wasn't able to finish this project because I had other obligations (care of unwell relative and more). I don't need more energy in the sense of physical energy, I guess I need good energy and maybe a bit of luck in that the work I am able to do will be deemed good enough. But this all said, I do appreciate your message and I am working on being more mindful.
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Re: Need a suggestion
Post # 4
Sorry to add one more thing. Just that I'm new to all this, certainly, but I hope that I didn't seem like I was asking for a spell to automatically do my work for me. I'm willing to do my very best and more, just need a spiritual boost and some luck. So I'd appreciate any sort of success spell you can suggest.
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