cleansing spell?

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cleansing spell?
Post # 1
I am new to this all but I was wondering if anyone can recommend me a simple cleansing spell. More of a cleansing spell to cleanse myself not so much my surroundings. I have noticed i have a lot of negative energy inside of myself and Id like to get rid of it. Or any advice on what I can do, thank you :)
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Re: cleansing spell?
Post # 2


In my opinion, you should just meditate for a few minutes every day, or try to balance all your chakras to get rid of all your negative energy that surrounds you; that are some things you can do to start with all of this. If you want a spell, I highly recommed you to look at the Spiritual spells section - protection, banishing, defence, contact and energy spells.

But as I said, you have to know some of the basics to start with before trying any spell, do not forget it! And, also, the more advance you are with Magick, the better for you. You should be able to cast more powerful pells.

Hope this helped.



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Re: cleansing spell?
Post # 3
There's several methods you can use to rid yourself of negative energy. The easiest method is probably to light some incense and brush the smoke over yourself and seeing the negative energy fleeing from you.

Taking a bath or shower works for me. As the water comes over you, see the water removing the negative energy.

The third method that may help you is breathing. Imagine all the negativity leave you as you breathe out. Hold your breath for 3 seconds. As you breathe in, imagine all the air you breathe in purifying yourself. Repeat.

Good luck to you :)
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Re: cleansing spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
there's many methods to choose from, you could try visualizing/feeling the negative energy being washed away when you have a shower/bath [or use a sea salt scrub or sea salt bath works too. they key is energy and visualization]

you can also try daily energy work [charging, ground and shield] Lark wrote a great post describing the tree method:

meditation and regular cleansings can help you with negative energy build up, but you should also cast a protection spell [or shield] to keep most of this energy from returning. also 'negative energy inside of myself' if you mean 'negative thoughts and emotions' you might wish to look into journalling and mindfulness to try and get to the cause of these emotions and negative thoughts.
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Re: cleansing spell?
Post # 5
I always like to use Frankincense against negative energy.
Like others said before, there are many methods. You just need to find one what works good for you.
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Re: cleansing spell?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
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