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My Technique
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I'd like to share a scrying technique of mine. I'll talk a bit about what I know and then explain how the technique is my own. Happy reading.
Scrying has been around for centuries, possibly millenia. As far as I know there is fire scrying, water scrying, surface scrying, land scrying, and mirror. I'm not sure as to how the last two are done, but basically to scry you need a flat surface. I would like to think that scrying originated in a tribe somewhere in what is now Asia and Africa, though that's more of an educated guess as opposed to a fact.
It's uses are for that of divination purposes, and it is a famous tool for divination. Nostradomus used water scrying for a lot of what he wrote in the Centurys, other than that he had prophetic dreams, but getting back to what I was saying, scrying I think is one of those practices that has a good reputation for being accurate if done correctly. The way it's done is another story. I've heard of a number of different methods for doing water scrying, and that's partially why I think it started in a tribe because each tribe would probably have an alteration to their own technique when compared to the next tribe.
When I first started water scrying I was around seventeen. I did some reading from my friend google on the subject so I wasn't going into blind. It's one of those practices that came quickly to me. I started with just a wooden bowl and water while focusing on altering my state of mind and body, and I got results, weak, but results nonetheless. I didn't actively pursue it as a practice similar to that of my spiritualism, but I have continued to use it. Here's my method of madness:
First thing is first, I make sure that I haven't had any spike in stress that day and that I've remained fairly mellow and calm. I fill a wooden bowl, carved with symbols, full of water and I begin to prepare myself mentally and spiritually. I both release and focus my mind on what my intent is and let it flow and flex around me and then I make a bond of sorts with the water and the type of energy I'm looking to put into this. That being done, I put a few droplets of my homemade scrying oil and the water turns black, but it slowly billows out, sort of like clouds if that makes any sense. I focus on the billows and let them pull me into the scrying waters, as I like to say. Usually by then a mixed smell of menthol and cinnamon is detectable and I use that smell to attract my energy to what I'm trying to do. By this point I'm usually just about, if not already seeing something. I try to keep my eyes open for the entire process, though there has been peculiar times where I have closed my eyes to having a sort of day dream.
There are a lot of deciding factors that can constitute how your methods are exercised. Choice of bowl that you use for scrying, if you use water from a specific location, clear, murky, or dark water. I'm sure it also differs as to how you are holding the bowl. What parts of your body is touching it and is there any difference in energy flow? Does how you hold it influence the accuracy of what you see? I've asked those questions every time that I do it, but I usually sit down and place the bowl on my lap with my hands on either side of the rim.
If you've used this technique with the proper intent and energy, your answers should be answered.
Thank you for reading, and this is my own personal written work.
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