Hello im new to the site

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Forums -> Introduce Yourself -> Hello im new to the site

Hello im new to the site
Post # 1
Hi am Marshall. Im 34th generation kitsune for the Iga Clan main branch. I my self am not particularly considered to be spell caster but i am guess i fall on this spectrum in western beliefs. But that being said I would like to set a record straight,even though in most beliefs kitsune are considered demons we are not. We are the same as regular humans but we have a job that himans do not. We guide and defend humans as we deside weather they deserve to go to heaven or hell. But that is up to the elders to decide that with in the clan. But since i set that straight. I would now like to formally introduce my self.

I am Marshall Hatori the decendent of Hitori Hanzo. I am born of Native American, African, Japanese, and Spanish decent. My Magic Class would be a of a Kekaishi or talisman user. I specailize in seals and barrer magic. Along with Fox Fire and Fox Lightning. Im pretty skilled in ninjutsu and capreia which combos very well eith my Fox Fire and Fox Lightning. My weapons skill are pretty decent with a katana or wakazashi along with bows and throwing knives which I use to make barrer traps and sealing trap quickly. I can preform high level magic using my Ryoko-ryu hand seals. I have a special ability to called zero or All Copy. It allows me to learn the abilites of mages and other spellcasters around me quickly but 40 percent weaker than what the original spellcaster can cast.
Oh yeah I forgot to say this. I am not alligned with anyside thus far in this coming war.

If you have any questions for me I will answer them to the best of my ablities :)
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Re: Hello im new to the site
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
You sound like you're talking about a video game.

This is not a roleplay site. Just a reminder.
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Re: Hello im new to the site
Post # 3
Im being so serious right now im not even funny.
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Re: Hello im new to the site
By: / Novice
Post # 4

if you are genuinely being serious, can you explain what you mean in your intro, because a lot of it sounds like it came straight out of an anime.

Not many of the terms you use are ever used in reality, like branches or magickal classes, I have no idea what you deem to be the original spell caster and what war are you talking about? Special abilities? Magic Class? The list goes on...

Your entire intro sounds like it came out of an anime and not from reality.

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Re: Hello im new to the site
Post # 5
Okay sorry im still a little new to english so bare with me please.
What i mean magic class is how you tell what magic youre the good at. When i say branch is i mean what branch of the family tree im am from. Specail abilites is a birth gift that is bestode on some one as a natrual gift. Now what i mean by a war that is coming i am talk about the war that will that maybe coming soon or later betweenforces we have not any control over.
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Re: Hello im new to the site
Post # 6
I would also like to state if you want me to prove what i am saying i can post my family crest that are tattoo on my arm. I can also show you some of my seals and hand signs we use for casting our spells. It am not all that good at wording things i guessing.
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