Spell to prevent suicide

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Spell to prevent suicide
Post # 1
I have a friend who gets depressed and has tried to commit suicide 3 time (and almost succeeded every time. The full moon is almost here and I would like to do a spell to try and help rid or lessen those feelings for him. I will be doing the spell myself so am looking for ideas or suggestions.

Thank you
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Re: Spell to prevent suicide
By: / Novice
Post # 2
A spell will not change another person's depression. That person must choose to change.

Not many people who attempt suicide want to kill themselves; they feel there is no other choice, and do so with mountains of regret.

But depression can be faced and mastered.

I have taken my own long and difficult road. I am still depressed, of course, and occasionally is it still difficult. But I am master of it now, not the other way.

My one actual piece of advice is to convince your friend to seek help. Sponsor and support them. Do not pity them!
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Re: Spell to prevent suicide
Post # 3
Thank you. It is not pity I'm giving. I am trying to help lessen his depression. I realize I cannot take it away and I'm not trying to do that. The attempts were substantial and not a call for help. He was just lucky enough each time that people got to him in time (he drove headlong into a telephone pole. An off-duty paramedic came upon him a couple minutes later & saved his life - the other two attempts where as bad and someone came along as well to save him - it was just not his time). He is getting help and is dealing with it day to day. But if I am at all able to help by lifting some of the heavy weight he feels then it will help. Ultimately they always have a choice no matter what we do - but there's no harm in throwing in a good luck charm or two as it were...:)
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Re: Spell to prevent suicide
Post # 4
Well being an suicide attempt survivor myself, all i can say is that, well.. if he's getting help by proffesionals and stuff, all you can really do is be there. Be his guide, be there for him and don't abandon him.. that's really all you can do. :s
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Re: Spell to prevent suicide
Post # 5
i hate to say it. there's no spell out there no amount of magic that can get rid of depression. There is no magic out there that will take those feelings away. I have been depressed since i was 9 i'm 19 now. You can't magic away or wish away Depression. all you can do is stand back up when life knocks you down. and your friend will soon learn to stand back up when he hits his knees. just remind him that one day he'll look back through all the shit he's gone through. and he'll be able to say he made it. but you can teach him to do meditation to help calm him down. Mediation helps me out a lot. but other things he can do is just step back, breathe a few times. calm down and try again. Life is too precious to give up too early. its a gift we have to cherish and his depression won't always be bad. His life is his story. he can either take the pen and change his story and write it himself. or he can continue letting his Depression do the writing for him. but its his choice, and he shouldn't give up yet because even when you think you can't go on you have people there for you.
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