Conflicting Results?

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Conflicting Results?

Conflicting Results?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Good evening all,

So I've been exploring pendulum divination for a short time now, and I admit that each time I've done a reading for myself I've either known the true answer (as a test) or have known what I wanted the answer to be deep down. Today, instead of actually asking a question, I just focused on the pendulum and thought what answer I wanted it to show, and each time it showed me that answer.

Does anyone know what may be going on, and have my previous personal readings all been false?

Thanks to any and all replies made :)
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Re: Conflicting Results?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Pendulum readings are notoriously tricky and often unreliable.

This is especially the case when you do "tests" as you have, by knowing what the answer should be or hoping for a set answer, you are much more likely to force it to move that way, even if you do not intend to consciously.

You are probably forcing the pendulum subconsciouly, maybe stick to questions where you do not know what the answer should be, or as another to read for you as they are impatial to the question.

Best of luck.

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Re: Conflicting Results?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Pendulums can be fun. But they do require a lot of filtering. In my own experience, they have been more effective as a link to the subconscious than a divination tool like tarot.

The way a question is asked is very important, and the person's own desire of the situation can be revealed more than the actual answer.

For example, asking a "will this happen?" question is not really a good idea, since it's not really predictable. Asking "is (this option) optional for me?" is much better.

But if you really want (this option) to be the best answer, your own desire can give you a yes answer.

It's partly why having carefully worded questions, and being in the right state of mind (and you have to determine exactly what that means for you) are very important.

Some people may literally dowse with a pendulum, but I have not tried.

Another thing to consider is more than just yes-no questions. You can make a dowsing board, and use the pendulum to indicate answers according to how the board is laid out.

Some basic practice to get used to a pendulum: Hold it at different lengths, and ask "What is yes?" and "What is no?" and "What is waiting for a question?" "What is no answer?" Your results may well be different from mine. Just know your answers.

And study! Read a bit about pendulum use. There's a surprising amount out there, sometimes mixed in with some far-fetched information in my opinion, but it's out there nonetheless.
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Re: Conflicting Results?
Post # 4
I'd definitely agree with that last statement. Divination is a tricky field in and of itself. You don't really want to focus more on the answer than the find of the answer. Rather than asking outright questions try focusing on a goal or an idea. Pay very close attention to the behavior of the entire pendulum as a whole in case you were previously more concerned with where it swings. That's another thing, direction of a pendulum swing is frequently misleading because of your hand's movements. Try circular swinging or gently dropping it to get a more definitive position.
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