love blood spells ?

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love blood spells ?
Post # 1
Hello, my name is Joy and I need your help.
I have ZERO experience with casting or spells because my mother is a devout christian and believes that any magick is from satan.

This is my situation;
I am losing my soulmate.
We've been thru hell & back, so I refuse to let go and take it all as a loss.
I have invested way too much of myself to even consider going our separate ways.

What do you suggest I do ?
I only want to deal with blood spells because I've seen the power of blood.
Also, since I'm a n00b, if you do decide to help me.. I'd need very detailed instructions and directions.

Thank you for your time!
Look forward to hearing from you.
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Re: love blood spells ?
Post # 2
You don't have experience in casting, yet you're asking only for blood spells?
Intimate, sexual, and high end, blood magik is one of the hardest paths. Even if I were to give you detailed instructions, you'll have little to no chance of the spell to work.

How did you see this "power of blood"? As I said, it's intimate and sexual. There's nothing to see, but oh do you feel it *grins*.

Your "soulmate" doesn't feel the same way. Regardless of how much effort you've put into your relationship, it seems there's still something missing. If your divide is either physical or mental, you should be able to work through it.

Good luck.

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Re: love blood spells ?
Post # 3
My mother is the exact same way. So it's hard to do any magical things or buy any magical objects. You don't have to use blood magic there are other ways. If you do use blood magic I think you would need some of his blood possibly and I don't think he will be giving that up cx. I'll message you on some ideas I think it would be better to message it to you.
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Re: love blood spells ?
Post # 4
Problems start coming between soulmates when there are blockages.
You can get help from an experienced person.
I've been going through pain after my breakup since four months so I know how you feel.

Mail me I'll give you a friend's contact who might be able to help you.
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