Best way to cleanse gems

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Best way to cleanse gems
Post # 1
So I've been learning a lot about gemstone cleansing as of late, and I've had a lot of mixed opinions on what works the best for cleansing. I just got today for my 23rd b-day a huge chunk of Amethyst, a small chunk, and a white Crystal. I've ran the gems under cold water, as well as letting them touch the smoke of frankincense, which is two of the ways I heard that works. The more convincing one is what my step dad does, which is absorb the light feom the moon and sun. This apparently charges the gems till the next moons phase. The next full moon cycle is coming up also, so if this is a good way to charge gems ima do that.

Any suggestions and tips would be awesome.

Also sorry if any spelling is weird or off, typimg from a phone :)
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Re: Best way to cleanse gems
Post # 2
I think you should leave them In a open window seal overnight and let the moons rays put energy into the stones, or. Charge them with your own energy, I do that. It works the best for me, you could try either for all I care hun.
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Re: Best way to cleanse gems
Post # 3
I find that people sometimes mix cleasning and charging your gemstones together. Cleansing just means ridding of negative energy while charging your gemstones is actually putting in the energy you want for the gems.
Cleansing gem stones is very similar to any techniques for other tools you use, eg. natural body of water, insences or burying in salt etc. However charging your gemstone will require some studying, each gemstone has its unique property eg. moonstones is associated with the moon and feminine energies and with this type of knowledge in hand you can choose the method you like which might be letting it absorb the moon`s light.
a part of magic is being creative, some actions are symbolic so do what creats meaning for you.
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Re: Best way to cleanse gems
Post # 4
And as mentioned by Zoot you can charge it with your own energy, simply meditate on the gems one at a time after cleansing, visualise charging the the gems. Meditating with gemstones can lead into other paths of magic eg. Chakra meditation. Definitely something worth trying and studying in my opinion :)
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Re: Best way to cleanse gems
Post # 5
Thanks to everyone for the advice.

This was my method of cleaning the gems.

1.) I got 2 glass bowls, small size, that were big enough fit the gems.

2.) Filled each bowl almost to the top with water (I ran the tap for like 5 - 10 mins to make sure it was okay)

3.) I put my hand over one bowl and asked father and mother, and creature of water to bless the water.

4.) I put a good amount of really coarse sea salt into my hand, and asked father and mother, and creature of salt to bless the salt

5.) I then put the salt in the bowl and stirred clockwise three times.

6.) Then I prayed to consecrate the water

7.) Then I placed the gems into the bowl, and so did my step-dad into his. The water covered the gems nicely, and I kind of stirred the salt gently onto the gems.

I am leaving them there for 24 hours at first, then re-doing the cleaning again, until the full moon comes into effect. The Amethyst chunk is like 5 inches by 5 inches, so I want to make sure it's 100% cleansed, and I might also bury it in the earth, and smudge it again. I think stacking cleansing never hurts. I see no harm with that.

After I feel 100% the cleansing is complete, then I can start to understand how to use energy to infuse the gems.

*NOTE* I was walking around yesterday, to the store last night, with the gems in the pockets, 61% waxing moon, and I felt like I was going to pass out, felt so energy drained. I didn't cleanse the gems other than smudging like I said in the OP, and no previous owner used these for the craft, that I know of. Would gems be able to drain your energy, if you are not properly grounded? or used to the size of the gems, or if they are not cleansed completely.

Thanks again everyone! :)

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