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Post # 1
what are souls consisted of? do you think we need them, do you think they can break, do you think they even exsist
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Re: souls
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Your soul is the essential "You". Your "spirit". Your ethics.Your sense of right and wrong. In other words, your soul is what you are!
Humans have tried to explain the soul over many centuries. The above is about the best the human race has come up with.
Of course, there are those who think of the soul as an actual "spirit", that lives on after we die. To my mind, that's a lot of nonsense.
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Re: souls
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Depends, some say you earn a soul through hardship and self reflection, other believe you get a soul once you're born, some say it happens while still in the womb [I've heard anywhere from conception to 6 months depending on your path] but a soul is a part of you until you die, you cannot steal, sell, or destroy a soul because it only leaves you after death. Once you die there's several beliefs as to what happens, heaven, reincarnation, or just dispersed into energy. Of course a soul is just a belief, some don't believe you have a soul, your mind makes you you and a soul is a comforting tale to help cope with death. Whatever you believe really.
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Re: souls
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

My opinion is that your soul is your literal self awareness. Selling your soul would then be exactly the same as selling yourself into slavery.

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Re: souls
Post # 5
I personally believe that our souls are made of energy. When we die our energy goes into a new life, human or not. Do we need them? I'm honestly not sure, I'd like to think that we would, but I can't say for sure. I think souls can be damaged, but not broken completely. I know I believe that they exist, but if you ask another person they might not say the same thing.
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Re: souls
Post # 6
Your soul preety much exists, you soul is You and only you. You are unique and that's your soul. Just you your persona, exactly you. In my opinion, souls are consisted of a unique type of energy.
We need them, for our liberation. You wouldn't like the opossite....

I believe they are possible to be broken yes.....
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Re: souls
Post # 7
To understand what soul is, first you must make a difference between your body, and your soul. Soul is not your mind, your energy or whatever, soul is you, you are the living soul, it is you, your consciousness, your free will. God created us to be Gods by nature, but humans by purpose. Only our soul is truly immaterial, everything else is part of our body, a mechanism following our will - physical body, mind, our energical body...
By grace, and connection to the spirit, soul is immortal, we are immortal. However, there are differences between souls of man, celestial beings, and souls of animals. Our soul is linked to our spirit, and when our body dies, soul lives on with spirit, soul of animal is linked to their body, and when animal dies, its soul dies with body (but well, its spirit lives on).
"One soul is worth more than the whole world".
Also, Soul starts to exist same moment when you start to exist - at the moment of your conception your soul start to exist, soul is not pre-existent to the body.
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