Student Teacher

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Student Teacher
Post # 1
Ok so... this is crazy. One of my friends is in love with my teacher. Like really in love that she plans to have sex with him when shes 18, "legal". I'm not sure if it calls for an break up spell or??? Idk magic is the last resort before I go and report it to school staff.

I'm kinda stuck because if I do report her she'll probably be investigated along with the teacher and taken out the school. If I do a spell she'll lose feelings for him and avoid him so... ah. I'm kinda in a sticky issue help out.
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Re: Student Teacher
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Every teacher is aware of schoolgirl "crushes". It is "normal". When, and if, it goes further than a "crush", then it is illegal.
Meanwhile, leave well alone! Boys have been killed for interfering in such situations.
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Re: Student Teacher
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I wouldn't go to the school about it. You could ruin this mans reputation, and by your own admission there has been no sexual activity between the two. I'd stay out of the whole thing, she has a crush on her teacher, she'll get over it
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Re: Student Teacher
Post # 4
Naah she's not over it at all. She has a set goal and plan to have sex with him. Thats the whole thing...
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Re: Student Teacher
By: / Novice
Post # 5

There are two sides to this, your friend may be set on having sex with a teacher, but that does not mean that the teacher is willing to do the same.

Going to the school board about your friends crush has the potential to ruin a mans career when he is most probably minding his own business.

As Brysing as said, teachers are no fools, they are aware when a student has a crush and they know how to deal with it accordingly, your friend simply needs to learn that not every crush needs to be acted on.

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