Dreaming about the Dead

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Dreaming about the Dead
Post # 1
This is a little sachet recipe I made to dream of the dead. You would need to put this under your pillow each time your tired and ready to go to sleep.

What you need:

- A Sachet

- Lavender

- Wormwood

If you don't have wormwood use dandelion root. I have my own roots I grown from the seeds. They produce them while they are all fluffy, but you could find some wildly grown quite easily. When you dig out it's root dry it out and make it into a powder.

Now that you have your ingredients here where it starts.

How to do it:

1. Grab a little handful of lavender and cuff your hand on the other and say:

By the power of this herb and my will may my mind be open and welcome this departed love one into my sweet dreams

Now put into the sachet

2. Now grab a little handful of wormwood or dandelion root, cuff your hands and say this:

By the power of this herb and my will may my departed loved one have the power and energy to manifest themselves in my dreams

Now put in the sachet

3. Now envision your god or goddess blessing this object while saying a personal prayer to them for your dead love one to come greet you in your dreams. Remember to tell them the reason why you want to talk to them, the dead don't want to be bothered and this isn't no party trick, so remember to hold on to your word and promise to that deity.

Place it under your pillow each time you sleep and remember to say thanks to the dead person for entering your dreams and to your god or goddess for blessing the object. Also feel free to say the incantations as much times if needed.
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