Raising of vibrations

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Raising of vibrations
Post # 1
I want always to have possitive energy and be healthy. I don't have a problem with my health right now, however I want to raise my vibrations in order to help me in my spiritual work, and also Astral Travel.

But what "raising of vibrations" actually means??? I haven't fully understand.
How will it help and assist me in Astral Projection???
From your personal experiences, how does it feel, how will I feel my vibrations are rising?

Thank you everyone for your answers.
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Re: Raising of vibrations
Post # 2
Raising of Vibrations could mean that you what to feel more connected with the he deities or nature? That's just what I think it could mean. To help with your energy and help with spiritual things you usually want to meditate. This helps you get focused on what your doing and calms you.
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Re: Raising of vibrations
Post # 3
Try meditation or concentration on the vibration of petrified wood . there are different types I have about 33-34 white ones are most beautiful in my view 8)
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Re: Raising of vibrations
By: / Novice
Post # 4
The term 'vibrations' is often left incredibly vague. I really don't have an answer to describe what some people mean, as they'll use the term so broadly that it ends up meaning basically nothing in many cases. A vibration, in the actual sense, is an oscillation of an object and typically at a given frequency. But all too often, someone will claim some thing has "vibrations," and some even claim that a substance (take quartz as an incredibly common example) has a specific frequency of vibration. In the case of quartz, partly why this becomes so false, is that the vibration of quartz is measurable with its piezo properties and other physical properties. The actual frequency of vibration changes based on the dimensions of the quartz and the method of excitement (causing the vibration in the first place). Of course, the smaller the piece, the higher the frequency.

Now, backing away from the actual science, and meandering back to the metaphysical, the term vibration is basically synonymous with energy sympathetic to a specific purpose. Some people may claim to detect an actual buzzing from some things, while others may not.

But in a nutshell, raising vibrations is about improving the 'quality' of one's metaphysical self. And something having energy means they believe it has some corresponding energy with some aspect or other attribute.
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