Feeling bad

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Feeling bad

Feeling bad
Post # 1
Any one know a spell to clear bad feelings from your body.
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Re: Feeling bad
Post # 2

This is more of a meditation excercise and not a spell. Close your eyes and breath in deep but not forced and make sure you are confortable. visualize the bad feeling in the area where you feel it, if you don't feel it on you visualize it in your heart as a dark green heavy energy. as you breathe in, picture a bright green energy entering you representing positivity, understanding and forgiveness. Visualize it being stirred around with the dark bad feeling energy. As you exhale, visualize the dark green energy leaving your heart and the bright green energy taking its place. Keep doing this patiently until you feel a change. How long it takes depends on you. This is more of a meditation excercise and not a spell

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Re: Feeling bad
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I agree with the above post, meditation often helps one clear their head and can help with grounding to center yourself. You mentioned bad feelings from the body, are you experiencing pain? If pain is the case, it is always good to discuss with your medical professional, and then consider trying herbs or other means of relief depending on the pain.

If you have an overall sense of sadness that too is something to consider talking about with your medical professional. Depression is something develops over time and on-going untreated will get worse.

Since I don't know exactly what you feel bad about (sad, pain or overall just down in the dumps) I would suggest meditation, maybe try clearing yourself and your space with sage, its always a go-to for a fresh start. Try burning your favorite scent or incense, and I find making a rice bag (basically make a bag any shape or size and fill it with white rice) I will add some herbs like lavender, and microwave the bag for 30 seconds (up to 4 times, always 30 second intervals turning the bag) then rest the bag on you, I like shoulders and neck the most when meditating or relaxing. The heat is very therapeutic and the lavender is calming.

I hope some of this might help you start feeling better but if this persists, I would defiantly speak with someone, especially if its turning into a depressed state.

Take care and good luck!
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Re: Feeling bad
Post # 4
I have several methods of removing bad feelings from my body. The breathing exercise has already been mentioned, so I shan't repeat that one :) The other is to use incense and when I light it , I gently use my hands to move the smoke around me. As I do that, I envision the smoke purifying me from all the negative stuff from the day. You can do something similar with water, while showering. As the water runs over you, envision the water running off you and carrying off the negative feelings of the day.

Hope that helps :) Good luck!
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Re: Feeling bad
By: / Novice
Post # 5
all the above are good suggestions. i recently heard another one, light a candle, then visualize all your negative emotions, visualize/feel the negative energy leaving your body and entering the candle, take a slow deep breath and when ready exhale, extinguishing the flame and the negative emotions in the process.
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