any good books

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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> any good books

any good books
Post # 1
Anyone know of any good books that give a more historically accurate portrayal of runic magic and Norse magic in general.

I know there are many books just seeing if anybody knows of any that arnt filled to the brim with fluff or where the author has thrown Norse mysticism in with everything else in the world.
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Re: any good books
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Part of the issue is that mysticism of that culture is intertwined with the history of using the runes for divination.
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Re: any good books
Post # 3
I understand that, which is why I'm looking for more books on such things. I bought a book a while back "the book of runes" by Ralph H Blum but have found it to be like one of the fluffy Hodge podges mentioned in my original post An example his rune descriptions are very fluffy in my opinion, leading to a possible misinterpretation of the runes and what they most commonly mean.

Since I've retired that book ive done my own reading online and I've made a list of all the runes along with general concepts that they most commonly represent. I'm just looking for some reading that doesn't require a deep web search to find what I'm looking for.
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Re: any good books
Post # 4 I have used this site several times, the information is okay.

As for accurate books on runic magic and Norse magic in general, I'm not sure. I have several books on the topic and though I found them informative and interesting, I will not vouch for accuracy.

Northern Magic by Edred Thorsson
Teutonic Religion Kvelduf Gundersson
Teutonic Magic Kvelduf Gundersson

I have heard that there are other books by Dianna Paxson, Freya Asweyn, and others (I can't remember the names) that are decent.
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Re: any good books
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

My personal favorite book on the runes is " Taking Up The Runes " by Diana Paxson.

Another reliable author, in my opinion, is Edred Thorsson who has a large number of books out there on runes and runic magic.

Avoid the book by Ralph Blum which is full of inaccuracies.

Something to keep in mind is that the Norse were not particularly fond of magic, especially in terms of men doing magic. Men who used magic were considered suspicious and weak. There was a form of magic which was practiced by women called " Seidr " which you might want to explore.

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Re: any good books
Post # 6
Thank you both for the suggestions ill look into them
Ive actually looked up sunnyway before they had a fair amount of information though the site seems a bit outdated so I can't really continue using it for study.

@lark I learnt the mistake of Ralph Blums book after I bought it but I got a set of runes out of it so live and learn

Ive actually done some not a lot but some study into seidre, ive decided a while ago that I'm fine with taking the risk of being called egri for practicing this particular craft,

Once again thank you both for the suggestions
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