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Post # 1
i have been visualizing a sacred place in my mind where i go to get magic. when meditating i visualize myself going to a door and opening the door to this place and when i am in this place i visualize it filling me with magic and when i am done i leave through the same door and i think is has been working because after i feel the magic but i don't know for sure because i am pretty new to this magic stuff and i have only casted a few spells
but i have no clue i am just weird and imagining all this stuff and creating this feeling of magic that isn't really there or if this is a real place i can go to in my head that will give me real magic that i actually have deep down

any insights??

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Re: magic
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
It sounds more like you have an impromptu way of chanelling energy.

Magic is not some substance; it is a practice, and depending upon whom you ask, involves energy manipulation.
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Re: magic
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
you appear to have excellent visualization skills. For everyone reaching a place of meditation to channel energy is different. If this visualization works for you, and this is how you best feel the build up of energy then I would continue to use it.

This has been said many times on this site, magic isn't casting or chanting, those are forms of rituals that some people use to influence the elements and nature. It really is the individual and their understanding and connection that makes magic. Some don't even cast spells, as they don't need to do that as part of their process. It is all dependent on what you find comfortable and what works for you.

Hope this helps! And I would say continue with your visualization, it seems to be a good way for you to connect with the elements.
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Re: magic
Post # 4
I live in Arizona and there is a lot of sacred places where I go and Meditate
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Re: magic
Post # 5
Aqua, as others have mentioned previously, people refer to what you felt as energy. What kind of energy i am not entirely sure. For anyone who knows, is there a way to measure and quantify this energy people feel?

Amazon, out of curiosity, what are these sacred places in arizona you mentioned?

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Re: magic
By: / Novice
Post # 6
magick is hard to define [especially since magick and spell casting are separate things yet you need magick for spell casting and it gets confusing] magick is in everyone and everything so you can connect with it any time anywhere. there are certain areas that seem to be more magickal [say Stonehenge for example] but you can go anywhere you feel is magickal [a clearing in the woods or setting up a sacred space in your home can become magickal areas]

everyone has magickal energy inside them, you just need to connect with it and you seem to be doing that. do some energy work [grounding, charging, shielding] and you should become more aware of the energy and feel it's flow around/inside you.
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Re: magic
Post # 7
You definitely seem to have a formidable mind to work with my lady! Visualization is definitely a strong mental exercise, and shows you capacity for focus. You may be weird, but definitely in a good way. :)

Magic, however it seems to be defined, is a personal source, so however you connect to it is your journey as a Magician, witch, energy worker, whatever definitive label you choose to use and path you follow.

Personally, your experience sounds more like a meditative journey and that helps with connecting you to yourself, and discovering your personal divinity, "Finding God", etc.
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