Patron God/Goddess?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Patron God/Goddess?

Patron God/Goddess?
Post # 1
Hello, I've been an eclectic Pagan for a while, but over the past year or so, I've kind of wanted to have more of a diverse path, then just a straight forward one if that makes sense. The topic of Patron Gods & Goddesses, really intrigue me. So I was wondering if anyone could give me a brief introduction to them? Thanks!
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Re: Patron God/Goddess?
Post # 2
Um, that depends, but I can try. Tho I wish you'd have told me what you wanted to know...

The God is symbolic of masculinity, but we normally focus on the Goddess or the feminine side of Wicca.

Sorry if that wasn't what you meant I just joined the furum's earlier today...
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Re: Patron God/Goddess?
Post # 3
I apologize if you know this stuff already. I'll try to be as introductory as possible :)

A Patron God or Goddess usually comes to you or you stumble across and are drawn towards. The God is usually seen as some form of Green God, or nature God, who is in tune with the seasons, harvesting and animal and plant life. He's tied to the masculin aspects of the male. He's also more prone to be a warrior, though this depends on the culture. There's no mistaking the Morrigan as a war Goddess :)

A Patron Goddess is usually tied to childbirth, motherhood and the cycles of life. She's tied to beauty and creativity, activities in the home and the female aspect of sexuality though again, this depends on the pantheon you're interested in.

Some of the more popular patron Gods/Goddesses come from the Greek, Roman and Egyptian Pantheons, while others come from the Celts. Others are drawn towards the Norse Pantheon. With anything, research is the key - I was drawn to Anubis (Egyptian) at first and with time drifted over to the rest of the Egyptian Gods.

Hope that helps. Good luck!
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Re: Patron God/Goddess?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
not to contradict you ConureHerder, but a Patron God or Matron Goddess isn't tied to nature and childbirth. [also The Morrigan is a 'darker' Goddess, it doesn't mean she's a patron God, if you work with The Morrigan she is your Patron Goddess] your Patron/Matron [patron=masculine, matron=feminine, though i don't think it matters much if you call one your Matron God and your Patron Goddess] is the deity you personally connect with, work with personally, and have a bond/connection with. you don't need one, but one might come to you one day.

you can look for one [i did] or you could wait for one to come to you when the times right, either way, just be open. should you seek out a patron deity, try doing some reflection, perhaps research deities associated with things you like, your family genealogy [say your family is from Greece, look into Greek mythology] or cultures you're interested in.
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