To Whom Shall I Pray?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> To Whom Shall I Pray?

To Whom Shall I Pray?
Post # 1
I am very new to wicca, so if I offend anyone or am blasphemous, I apologize in advance. Yes, I am asking to be spoon-fed a bit, but I am honestly confused.

I am sorry in advance for my question being unclear, I tend to wander in thought and type out nonsense.

I love to feel the earth under my feet. I love animals and listening to birds, standing in the snow and listening to rainfall. I love to breath in the warm summer air, and to see the sights and sounds that I was given to cherish, but to whom shall I thank for the beauty of life, emotion, time and everything along with it? I have researched wicca enough to come to the conclusion that wiccans worship the Moon Goddess and Horned God, but am I correct? Are there more than just these? I carried around my Amethyst stone given to me as a child by my grandmother, and I've found that there is more importance that just what it looks like. It was my imaginary friend, my good luck charm, my key to happiness, so to speak. Is there importance to this polished stone? I know about the different elements and how they are used, but I am mostly confused on who I am praying to for each. Are the gods unknown? Do they have names? Is there a special way to know about them, and to please them?

Once again, I am very new to Wicca and am generally confused. I will try and limit further questions and try to learn on my own. Thank you, and blessed be.
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Re: To Whom Shall I Pray?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Speaking specifically about Wicca you are correct, there is the Triple Goddess [Maiden, Mother, Crone. Also known as Goddess, or Lady] and the Horned God [Lord, or just God works too. Some might also refer to him as Oak King, Holy King or Green Man.] The God is the god of the forest but some also call him a sun God [a new concept but it makes sense since his story can be tracked by the sun and the Goddess by the moon] both are fertility deities of the earth so you can pray to one or both.

Now, stones/crystals have energy and can be used for various reasons. Try researching amethyst, you might be surprised what comes up for you.

Regarding other deities, yes, there are others. Some Wiccans feel they are all different names for the God and Goddess of Wicca, others feel each is it's own unique being, and some don't believe in any deities. [You should soul search and draw your own conclusions on the matter] you can work with multiple deities [see matron Goddesses and Patron Gods. Basically it's the deity you have a close relationship with] I suggest just being open to the possibilities. I went 10 years before finding my matron Goddess, so don't stress out. [You sound like you're on the right track already]

If you want to pray/thank the deities for the world, just say a thank you to the God and Goddess of Wicca since they are the ones you are working with the most. Try leaving an offering of some kind to them. If you have an altar leave some food or burn some incense. If you don't have an altar you can place offerings outside [get creative too. Plant a garden for example]
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Re: To Whom Shall I Pray?
Post # 3

Already I can see that perhaps you can pray to earthyly figures such as Venus, Mother Gaia(mother nature) or other deities that specialize in the type of energy you spoke of.

Also, more individually, nature deities or spirits or anything that has to do with the natural force of nature, such as Poseidon, Neptune, Njord, or water spirits such as Undines or mermaids.

Depends on what ever culture and pantheon you're open to work with, anything from Japan to Greek to Roman to even Judeo-christian systems.

Amethyst does open your 'third eye' to say, and keeps your inuition sharp, keeps your creativity flowing, and connects you to higher powers and higher states of mind. Its associated with spirits and such like energies, even the color purple is.

In some cultures, they say that no man may comprehend fully what the gods are, simply because we were evolved to understand so much that would be useful to us in order to survive and live.

Do some research, be curious, be ambitious in your learning and keep a journal to write down interesting bits of study. You can probably meet and talk and contact various deities and beings through open prayer, meditation, scrying, candle magick, offerings, or just waiting for signs to come to you. Keep eyes, ears, and hearts open!

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Re: To Whom Shall I Pray?
Post # 4
why do u need to pray to anyone?
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