Spiritual Doubts

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Spiritual Doubts
Post # 1
Recently I've been questioning my faith. What if it all in my head?I am currently learning about the history of the Earth like evolution. I certainly do believe that evolution happened but how can this exist if divine beings do? I've been trying to meditate to find answers but then I start to question that to. Any thoughts?
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Re: Spiritual Doubts
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
What if it is all in your head? So. Are you doing things that are dangerous to yourself or others? If not, I don't see an issue.

As for evolution and gods, I don't find the two to be mutually exclusive. Could the Gods not have tweaked evolution a few times to create us the way they wanted us?

In all honesty, religion is a man made concept. the answers you seek are for you to find and to determine the importance of on your own.
(my opinions)
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Re: Spiritual Doubts
Post # 3

Honestly, I went through the same things a few years back. The answer that I came to is that they're both correct. Divine beings created things using evolution and because they are divine we couldn't possibly understand that prosess when people were writing the scriptures. So when the scriptures say "the earth and everything was made in seven days" I think that's either a metaphor or the divine ones time, not human time. I hope this helps.

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Re: Spiritual Doubts
Post # 4
My thoughts? If you are a little confused right now, and you are questioning everything, then you are actually doing quite well. Great, really. It's healthy to do this. More people need to do it, really. Personally, I'd say, keep doing whatever it is that you are doing. Questioning is a great way to get answers.
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Re: Spiritual Doubts
By: / Novice
Post # 5
this is just a part of life, some people just blindly follow a religion and never go deeper. you can still be spiritual and believe in science you know. do some soul searching, meditate, talk to religious leaders for their views.

personally i do not believe the Gods created us, i do believe when the Lord and Lady came together the energy created the universe [you could argue the big bang] but we evolved over time, and since their energy created the universe, that divine energy is inside everything, including ourselves [to quote Carl Sagan we are all made of star stuff] the Gods watch over us, and are there when we ask for help and/or guidance, but they are not going to pick us up and put us on the right path, we need to discover it. also, magick is a science, long ago we didn't know why chamomile helped a cold, so it was magick. one day science might discover the energy used in spells, the two can co-exist. [i've read many Pagans go into the medical and science fields]

i do know the feeling. meditation, journalling, they helped me. i also observed the world around me and just listened. just keep an open mind. best of luck to you.
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