Energy manipulation

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Energy manipulation

Energy manipulation
Post # 1
Can someone give me some preety effective techniques for beginner's energy manipulation??? And how to force my self to make more energy??
Thanks a lot. :)
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Re: Energy manipulation
Post # 2

Well it's not forcing yourself to make more energy, that would be unhealthy, it's more learning how to ground yourself and pull energy from other things.

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Re: Energy manipulation
Post # 3
A simple way to get more energy is to enchant an object so that it draws in any energy around you. You can then drain this object and replenish your own supply of energy.

If you want to drain the energy yourself, try envisioning your veins filled of energy, place your hand on something and see these veins spread into the object and its energy flowing into you through these veins.
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Re: Energy manipulation
Post # 4
Id say start with meditation. then learn how to ground energy. pass negative energy through and out of your body then ground it. also you could practice psychometry. its a technique where you can feel a person's energy while holding an object. only if that object has a strong connection to the person though.
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Re: Energy manipulation
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
You don't just create more energy. You can gather more energy. Some of the basic techniques start with meditation and grounding. Grounding itself is a manipulation on its own. And is easier done when one can feel energy and manipulate it that way or when one can visualize it and manipulates it through mental vision. It's on you for how you can accomplish this. You have to learn what works for you.
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Re: Energy manipulation
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Many beginner energy manipulation techniques revolve more around moving your energy within yourself.

There's the almost cliche exercise of holding one's hands in front, palms facing and not quite touching. The person practices making energy flow between, through the arms one way and back, build up between the palms, attract or repel the palms, etc.

There are others, associated with breathing exercises and related to other energy centers. They involve greater flows of energy around the body, moving up or down depending on location and breath.

Still others are simple such as feeling one's own energy pooling at a certain place, typically naming a chakra or other location in the body for the sake of correspondence.

Of course, learning about grounding and centering, and about absorbing 'free' energy from the surroundings or universe, or even the divine, also becomes a practice to many.
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