help with break up spell

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help with break up spell
Post # 1
I really love my ex boyfriend to bits and we only broke up 2 months ago and he's already with someone else I really want to do a break up spell on them so I can get get back together with him and we can have a stronger bond with each other and try to work things out I really can't see him with her cuz it hurts allot and I love him allot. Can someone please help me with a spell to break them up and bring him more close with me and get back together with me please thank you

Blessed be
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Re: help with break up spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Breaking people up is something I neither practice nor condone. There are many reasons.

If he broke up with you, he did so for a reason. He no longer wants to be in a relationship with you. If you influence him back into a relationship with you, unless you have changed as a person, and have made a difference in the areas which made him unhappy, the things will end badly again. It is completely unfair to him to expect him to change and like whatever it is he could not bear for the long term. It's just that simple: You'll be wasting your time and his, as well as ruining his current happiness with the person he is now dating.

My advice is this: Move on. Accept that the relationship is over. Grow as a person, and find happiness without a relationship at the moment before moving into another relationship with someone.
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Re: help with break up spell
Post # 3
Thank you prsona! I wish more people could understand this...
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Re: help with break up spell
Post # 4
Evoke the demon Gaap he can cause love or hate.
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