Awakening Witch Blood

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Awakening Witch Blood
Post # 1
I need help awakening the witches blood in me. Yes I do know that it is there. Because of my older relatives. My grandma talks about how we had a witch in the family. I would like to be able to say and do spells and rituals that actually work. So far nothing. Could anyone help me?
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Re: Awakening Witch Blood
By: / Novice
Post # 2

You don't have witch blood, you have normal human blood because a witch is still human and it is not hereditary, being able to practice witchcraft is simply knowledge and practice.

None of the spells have worked so far probably because you do not know enough for them to work, I suggest starting with the basics and working from there.

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Re: Awakening Witch Blood
Post # 3
You have human blood in your veins and so does everyone you know. Though if your family has worked with magic in past generations then it is possible for you to have a greater affinity to learning and practicing magic. It might be easier for you to do as well. If you want to start being a witch you need to start with taking the time to learn, comprehend, understand, and question your studies that you choose. Google does wonders ya know? In any event I wish iu good luck and god bless.
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Re: Awakening Witch Blood
By: / Novice
Post # 4
As mentioned, witchcraft isn't hereditary. My mother was a barmaid, and so was her mother. This doesn't mean that I am a barmaid by virtue of the two previous generations. I don't work in a pub, hence I'm not a barmaid. If you don't practice witchcraft, you're not a witch.

There is some lore within some branches of witchcraft in regards to a magical bloodline (red thread, nephilim, etc), but it's really just an attempt to establish oneself as somehow "better" than other witches. It's an ego boost, or sometimes just a demand to be recognised as legitimate. Granny stories are a really popular result of this.
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