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So, I've noticed that for years, back even when this site was first created, far before I joined, there have been a lot of new people asking about fantasy stuff, some of the more common ones being werewolves, vampires, dragons, oh my. Lame joke aside, I noticed a lot of people confused on this and more, why people want to become these things or want to do such impossible things. I'm here to answer hopefully a few questions to help understand the new age mindset. After all, who better someone to talk about it than someone who used to be one? So, to kick it off, why people want to become werewolves, demons, dragons, vampires, etcetera. Well first, some just aren't proud of who they are in person, and maybe see themselves as a complete failure, and want to use it as a way of changing themselves into something they can be proud of or don't need to be proud of. Some want to appear more cool, or even sexy to attract someone, not knowing what a good old can of body spray and underarm deodorant can do for them. Some are just very sad, and want something that could get them away from sadness. In any case, I can say this, don't judge them right away. Do they seek something that is proven to not exist? Yes. But they probably just aren't old enough or mature enough yet to realize that. Of course, some will go as far to take it as offense when somebody corrects them. Handle this however you want, but do please keep in mind, approaching it calmly and showing them you aren't trying to be insulting can sometimes be a very good option, as it will allow you to avoid the aggravating argument. Should they grow out of it? Depending upon the age, and most opinions, yes, however someone they don't know over the internet, on a site some might see as strange is just not the best person to do that. Of course, if they act up, its just unreasonable, however keep in mind, it could be a phase or something serious, like a medical condition, you never know. So, of course, handle it your own way, but keep that into consideration. As for other things, like selling souls to a demon, its about the same reason. Now of course, of all things, there are pretty much three primary reasons for the big misunderstanding of magic. 1. People get into magic and never learn what its really about. This could be from a laziness or refusal to research, or it could simply be they go into it with the wrong mindset and just can't understand what they are getting so wrong about it. 2. Modern media. One of the most obvious, media has played a major part in the misunderstanding of magic, representing it as the stereotypical fireball and lightning type rather than what it is. Although a lot of you have some idea of its influence, I think a few might be surprised by its total influence. 3. Magic just isn't what people think it will be, and refuse to accept what it is. Mods have perhaps dealt with this the most of anyone. More often than you would think, someone would get into magic with the wrong idea, however, even after learning what it really is, some people just decide to deny it. Now I'm not saying this is everyone who says the fireball and lightning magic is real are one of these people, but there are those who are in denial, still, often due to life problems, and they don't want to believe something they thought of as their last safehaven isn't what they thought. Now, for some explanations of a few specified types, like what people think its supposed to be. Lycanthropy/vampirism, it may surprise a few people that someone would want to become a horror of the night, whether it be a walking immortal corpse or a man sized mutt, however, again, media. A good example is the movie Underworld, which depicts werewolves as noble beasts that transform at will and vampires as sexy humans just with sharp teeth, pretty much. Just think Twilight except without all the fuss about a guy named "Jacob" and werewolves that oddly have everything but their pants gone when they transform back. Yes, this is the new age. Big disgrace, I know. As for selling their souls to demons, demons are often depicted nowadays as creatures that will bargain for a persons' soul in exchange for power or a specific desire. And one would think an Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and a Wii-U would be enough for the little brats, now they need all the power in the world all to themselves. Yea, this generation doesn't exactly advocate selflessness. Now as for flying and teleporting and all that jazz, I can't really tell except for a guess that this generation is becoming so lazy, they need to be able to teleport just to get to the store across the street. As for fireballs and lightning, I think they've got an adorable little grudge and want to settle it via violence without using their bare hands. Real big help advocating the stereotype that anyone who plays games. Because that's what we needed. Let's give them some applause. *clap, clap, clap*. Thank you for reading, sorry if you got tired of the joking real quick, just thought I'd add humor in the hopes it could lighten up the subject.
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