dream interpritation

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dream interpritation
Post # 1
hi all.
I was not sure where to put this but here goes.
So I've had a number of rather interesting dreams recently and am not sure what to make of them, the first 2 were of combat. well it was actually a single dream but:
first I was in a hand to hand, fisticuffs, fight with a man a little bigger than I was.
Then once I had thoroughly curb stomped him his extremely huge brother got involved. I won using several round house punches, spinning kicks and a flying spinning kick to the face... nice. Only one problem. I've no idea how to even begin something like that in my waking life and deffinately not from a standing start?!
The second 2 dreams were:
1. A bit harry potter based, I was guarding a stone. I had warded the door but a huge woman came along, I tried blasting her but to no avail, she was just too big. I tried to fly away, almost a hovering fly but got a huge ddizzy spell in the dream.
2. I was running with my auric bound, we had to go past a caf? where all of our enemies were, we crawled under the window but got spotted, we ran, holding hands, her in front [she's fit, in every sense of the word] me behind. The last thing of the dream before I awoke was I made a gesture with my free hand and blew the caf? to smithereens.

What are you guys thoughts on these?
In rl, I'm not particular violent on the physical relm, only resulting to violence when my smart mouth pushes someone over the edge or someone insults my auric bound.
In the spirit relm I am not violent unless in defense or killing monsters.
So... any thoughts?
Thanks and sorry if this is in the wrong place
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