summoning a demon

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summoning a demon
Post # 1
so ive recently been looking into demons and succubus and stuff like that and im a very open minded person, my best friend is a satanist and im always intrigued and interested in her religion and i ask questions all the time. anyway, i heard that you can summon a demon or succubus or something like that to be your friend and i dont mean to sound like a little kid who doesnt know what she would be getting herself into but that sounds like a lot of fun. itd be nice to have a friend who understood the dark side of me and would always be there and would genuinely care about me because from what ive learned, demon friends are very caring and loving. i could be completely wrong on this but i want to know more on this subject and the possible consequences of doing this... i really would just like a real friend. and ive always felt drawn to things like demons, even as a little girl.
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Re: summoning a demon
Post # 2
hello fairylover
lets be blunt, don't do it.
Demons do not care, they do not love.
Demons will be your friend until the can take you over then they'll leave you in the trash.
How bad can it be? They can kill you.
I've messed in with demons before:
1. Had one try to posess my aura
2. Delt with a possession from erebus himself... took 2 weeks and even now I swear he's out there somewhere S.O.b

fairylover, if you want a friend, drop e a mail, I'm always open to meet new people just know anything is better than a demon.
Sucubusses I've know idea about, aren't they something similar to vampires?
If they are, that's a no go too. I spent the 12-14th century fighting a vampire, do not do it.

Friendship can be hard but never think that a demon cares.
As for understanding your dark side, drop me a mail we'll have a battle of dark experiences and dark sides, 10 virtual cookies says I'll win.

Seriously though, don't summon demons.
Take care of yourself, if you really need me, as I am on here only once a day, check out my email via the website on my profile.
Be safe and may Artemis guide you
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